The Boat

The S/V Queen Jane: 1984 50′ Shannon Ketch built in Bristol, RI. She is a true bluewater boat, sturdy and kindly.

We bought her in 1998 and completely refurbished her. In 2019, we started a new round of updates. Our most recent overhaul started with a new rig, revamped masts, new instrumentation, and navigation. In 2021, we installed new batteries with new monitoring systems, a new inverter and we rebuilt our reefer from scratch with new insulation and a new refrigeration system. Our engine was overhauled and components rebuilt. We have new sails, running rigging, anchors, kitchen stove, kitchen counters, a new dingy, and more. Most importantly, we repainted our boat name.

Specs of a Shannon Ketch 50
S/V Queen Jane in Mexico with Kate swimming