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The Route - Updated October 8, 2005

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The S/V Queen Jane left Seattle, WA on August 28th, 2000 bound for a circumnavigation of the world. The first stops were in California at Marina Del Ray and then Chula Vista, San Diego. We then visited our first foreign port - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico before proceeding down to the mainland coast stopping at San Blas, Puerto Vallarta, Zihautenajo/Ixtapa, Acapulco (and many ports in between). We spent the most time in Puerto Vallarta preparing for our first major offshore passage of 2,850 miles from Mexico to French Polynesia. 

On April 7th, 2001 we left for the South Pacific and called first on the Marquesas Islands then the Tuomotus Islands and the Society Islands where we visited Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raitea and Tahaa. After French Polynesia we stopped at Suvarov (Suwarrow) a remote and uninhabited atoll in the Northern Cook Islands and spent some time in both American and Independent Samoa before reaching Wallis of Wallis and Futuna. Next we spent about a month in Fiji and then headed South (out of the Typhoon belt) to New Zealand. 

We arrived in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand on November 17, 2001 and spent a few weeks in Opua before moving South to the Tauranga/Mount Maunganui area where we spent the last five months repairing our boat, upgrading existing systems, installing new equipment and performing annual maintenance. We also found time to enjoy a bit of New Zealand's wonderful scenery, people and attractions.  

The Queen Jane left New Zealand May 2, 2002 bound for Savusavu, Fiji. During the passage we decided to re-route to Suva due to transmission problems and spent  almost 3 months in various Fijian ports trying to repair and then replace our transmission. 

In August, 2002 the crew flew home to the USA to visit Family and  returned to Fiji at the end of August. September and early October was spent in Vanuatu. We left Vanuatu and sailed to Australia where we arrived on October 19, 2002. 

We spent five months in Australia (Nov.-Feb and April - we flew home for March to visit family)  and then shoved off to New Caledonia where we spent about a month and then went up to Vanuatu where we spent more then four months exploring that wonderful country. In October we sailed North into Micronesia and the Republic of Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) also known as the Gilbert Islands where we spent about 5 weeks and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. In late November we continued North to Majuro the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands where we spent an entire year, the longest we have spent in any one country to date.

After the RMI, in late November, 2004 we sailed to Pohnape in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and spent 2 months there making repairs and seeing the island. From there we sailed South to the Polynesian atolls of Nukuoro and Kapingamarangi where we spent a month at each and then headed farther South to  Papua New Guinea entering the country at  the port of Kaviang on New Ireland in the Bismarck Group. From Kaviang we spent 2 weeks island hopping along a chain of islands to the East of New Ireland including stops at Ambittle in the Feni Islands, Green Island and a brief overnight at Buka in the N. Solomons Province (an area under constant strife due to a violent independance movement). From there we headed South again to Budibudi Atoll (Laughlan) just North of the Louisiade Archipelego and then to Misima (the capital of that group) where we posted this update. After a brief stay in the Louisiades we will continue South to Australia entering at either Townsville or Cairns depending on where the winds take us (or allow us to go). 

We spent 2 months in Cairns - 3 weeks of it living on the hard at Norship Marina - and fixed up most of the things which wanted fixing. Then we flew to the US and spent 4 weeks visiting family and being tourists in our own country. During that time we finally decided what we had to do. We decided to get back to the US and go back to work. After sailing to Brisbane the Queen Jane will go on a float-on/float-off transport vessel which will carry her to Ensenada, Mexico in early February. We plan to settle in the L.A. area for the next few years and save for our retirement so we can quit working full-time once and for all.

Below is the record of where we have been and where we plan to go. While cruising it acts as a rough framework for our plans and is subject to almost constant change. At this stage our next few months are fairly well planned out and leave little room for flexibility. After that we will be stationary in California for quite a while.

Click here to see maps of The Route Traveled To Date


Yellow - History (been there, done that)

Black - Basic intentions (current leg)

Magenta - Proposed Future Plans

Gray - Absolute Fantasy/WAG



US West Coast    (map)

September 2000 Seattle -> Los Angeles 
October 2000 San Diego
November 2000 San Diego


Mexico   (map)
December 2000 Mexico (Cabo San Lucas)
January 2001 Mexico (Puerto Vallarta)

February 2001 Mexico (Manzanillo, Zihautenajo, Acapulco)
March 2001 Mexico (Puerto Vallarta)


Polynesia/Melanesia   (map)

April 2001 Mexico (PV) -> French Polynesia (Marquesas)

May 2001 French Polynesia (Marquesas, Tuamotus - Makemo)
June 2001 Fr. Pol  (Tuamotus - Tahanea)

July 2001 Fr. Pol (Society Islands - Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine)

August 2001 Fr. Pol  (Society Islands -Tahaa, Raitea) -> 

                        Cook Islands (Suvarov) -> American Samoa (Pago Pago)

September 2001

October 2001 Wallis and Fortuna (Wallis) -> Fiji (Savusavu)  (map)

November 2001 Fiji (Mololo lailai) -> New Zealand (Opua)


New Zealand   (map)

December 2001 New Zealand (Opua)

January 2002 New Zealand (Tauranga, Queenstown)

February 2002 New Zealand (Tauranga)

March 2002  New Zealand (Tauranga)

April 2002 New Zealand (Tauranga)



May 2002 New Zealand (Tauranga) -> Fiji (Suva)  (map)

June 2002 Fiji (Suva) -> Fiji (Lautoka, Vunda Pt.)

July 2002 Fiji (Lautoka, Vunda Pt.)

August 2002 USA (Boston and New York)

September 2002 Fiji -> Vanuatu  (Maewo, Santo, Aore) (map)

October 2002 Vanuatu (Santo) -> Australia (Bundaberg)



November 2002 Australia (Bundaberg) (map)

December 2002 Australia (Mooloolaba)

January 2003 Australia (Mooloolaba)

February 2003 Australia (Mooloolaba)

March 2003 USA

April 2003 Australia (Mooloolaba)



May 2003 Australia -> New Caledonia (Noumea)   (map)

June 2003 New Caledonia -> Vanuatu (Tanna)   (map)

July 2003 Vanuatu (Port Vila)

August 2003 Vanuatu (Port Vila, Maskelyne Islands)

September 2003 Vanuatu (Awei, Pentacost, Maewo, Ambae, Santo)

October 2003 Vanuatu (Santo, Banks) -> Kiribati (Tarawa)     (map)



November 2003 Kiribati (Butaritari) -> Marshall Islands (Majuro)      (map)

December  2003 Republic of Marshall Islands (Majuro)

January 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro, Maloelap Atoll)

February 2004 Marshall Islands (Maloelap, Majuro, Likiep)

March 2004 Marshall Islands (Ailuk Atoll, Majuro)

April 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro)

May 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro, Aur Atoll)

June 2004 Marshall Islands (Likiep)

July 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro)/USA

August 2004 USA/Marshall Islands (Majuro)

September 2004 Marshall Islands (Wojte Atoll)

October 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro)

November 2004 Marshall Islands (Majuro) -> FSM (Pohnpei)    (map)

December  2004 FSM (Pohnpei, Nan Madol)

January 2005 FSM (Pohnpei, Ant Atoll)

February 2005 FSM (Pohnpei, Nukuoro Atoll)

March 2005 FSM (Nukuoro Atoll, Kapingamarangi Atoll)

April 2005 FSM (Kapingamarangi Atoll) -> PNG (Kaviang)



May 2005 Papua New Guinea (Kaviang, Bismarcks)

June 2005 PNG (Louisaides)

July 2005 PNG (Louisaides) -> Australia (Cairns) (map)

August 2005 Australia (Cairns)

September 2005 USA (by air)

October 2005 Australia (Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands)

November 2005 Australia (Mackay, Lady Musgrave Island, Bundaberg)

December 2005  Australia (Mooloolaba, Brisbane)

January 2006 Dockwise Yacht Transport: Brisbane -> Ensenada

February 2006 Mexico (Ensenada) -> USA (San Diego, Los Angeles)




That's all folks...