November 28

Last night continued as the day before with Kate and I taking turns, hand steering, with no mainsail, under power, dead downwind in 30-40k (Kate reports seeing 52k of wind on the meter and that takes the prize as the highest wind speed recorded on the Queen Jane in 4 years). Finally, at about 3am, while I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open (no one was sleeping during the off watch because, of course, the boat was doing side to side death rolls constantly) the wind finally began to clock to the SouthEast. We had seen this predicted just this morning and were hoping against hope, but we didn't believe it.

Now with the wind at about 140 degrees off the bow (about 40 degrees ahead of dead-astern - normally not a great point of sail) but with 30-35k of wind we the boat was flying along at 6k with only the staysail out! By 6am the wind had come more to the Southeast and I put out half a jib and rolled up the staysail. We flew the last few hours to Pohnape with 30k from the SE making 8 and 9k the whole way.

We entered the pass at Pohnape at about 10am and made our way to the main commercial part of the bay where we tied up and, it being Sunday, waited a long time for the various officials to appear. There was EPA, Quarantine, Port Control, Customs and Immigration. It was in fact far easier (fewer forms to complete) then most places we have entered.

As I write this it is about 4pm and we are finally anchored in the small yacht harbor at the South end of the bay. All is well in the world.