November 25

During the night we motored until about 3am when the wind came up a bit and moved more to the NNE. we could see a huge band of dark clouds ahead of us but radar showed no squalls. Sure enough, the wind came up to 18-20k and started coming a bit more the NE. We shut the motor and sailed at a nice 6+k over ground the rest of the night and into the morning.

Wind was light in the morning and we alternated motor sailing and sailing slowly. The afternoon was fine with nice weather but calm winds. We motored all afternoon till about 5pm when the wind began to build from the NE.

As it got dark, we could see we were sailing into a huge bank of clouds, but by 8pm they had disappaited and the skies were relatively clear. By 9pm we had 15-20k from the NE and we were sailing 6+k over ground.