November 24

Last night was pleasant until about 2:45am when Kate's shift was just starting. A huge squall was closing in on us and we had a few minutes of excitement with 30k of wind and then a major downpour which lasted about 45 minutes. When we came out of the squall finally, no wind of any kind was felt. Ok, we had about 3k from the ENE.

By 6am we were surrounded by squalls. Wind remainds light at 4-6k and we are motoring. We caught the edge of one squall but didn't get any significant wind out of it. The sky is now dark with about 80% cloud cover and huge squalls in every direction pouring down water. Fortunately only the ones which are upwind of us have a chance of hitting us, but it is not pretty.

We motored most of the morning and early afternoon in light air with the wind behind us or just slightly off our quarter. Squalls have become more numerous and a line of squalls ahead of us seems to be moving South.

By 3pm we are in solid overcast with a gentle but steady rain. Winds have come around to the North and we are sailing at 5k on a course of 261M. We are just a tad South of our rhumb line.

At 8pm the wind has gone around to the ENE and is now off our Starboard quarter giving us little apparent wind and only about 2.5k of boat speed. We motor again it seems.