November 23

This morning conditions were much the same as last night. Winds were 15-20k from the ESE or SE, skies partly cloudy with occasional squalls on the horizon. We sailed all morning at about 5k, sometime reaching 6k as the wind came more to the SE and less to the East.

By 2pm the wind has dropped to about 11-12k and our speed is down to 3.5 - 4k over ground. Our boat speed (the speed of the boat through the water) is a bit faster showing we are still pushing against an adverse current. Since noon we could see the SE tip of Alinglaplap Atoll and we spent the whole afternoon passing it's Southern side (it is very large, about 23 miles by 20 miles and kind of heart shaped).

Later in the afternoon the wind came more to the SE and we sailed at 5k for several hours. But by 11pm the wind has died to 7 or 8k and is dead astern so we have turned on the motor and are making a bit over 5k motor sailing.