November 22

This morning the Queen Jane finally left Majuro for good. We dropped our mooring lines at 8:30am and motored out of the lagoon in partly cloudy skies and bright sunshine. The wind was 15k from the East and seas were lumpy as we cleared the atoll. We motor sailed for a few hours till we were clear of the confused seas near the atoll and then set a course of 160M. Our course will take us just South of Alinglaplap Atoll, about 135 miles West of Majuro. From there it is another 600 miles to Pohnape, our goal, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia.

At noon the wind has increased a bit to 20k but is still from astern making the ride a bit rolly and slow. Our speed over ground is only about 4k as we seem to have a current running East against us. Skies remain clear.

At sunset the wind has moved a bit to the ESE and gives us a slightly better angle. Our speed has increased to 5k-5.5k over ground.

During the night our conditions remain the same with a slight increase in wind speed again but still from the ESE, now at about 20-25k.