July 25

This morning we spoke with Musket Cove and arranged for a boat to tow us there. The boat arrived at about 11am and we tied it alongside. It was a 25ft fishing boat with an inboard diesel. By 11:15 we were steaming out of the pass. That was the hairiest part and once we were clear of the reef we settled in for the app. 5 miles to Malololailai, home of Musket Cove Resort and Yacht Club. The weather was calm with about 7k from the ENE and almost no swell.

Once we got around behind Malolo (Malololailai's bigger brother) the sea was flat calm with the island protecting us to the East and the outer barrier reef to our West. We had some difficulty securing a mooring as the place is packed (there are about 30 yachts on moorings and another 10 or so anchored behind them including several super-sailboats and one mega yacht (180ft).

By 1pm we were safely tied up having made the crossing uneventfully. We went to shore for a swim in the pool then I went from boat to boat trying to find a proper hydraulic fitting for our transmission. Brian, from "Daruma" had been to Lautoka and came back with the same fitting which broke, and will break again since it is too large and rubs against the hull. Believe it or not, I managed to find the exact fitting we needed from "Calithia" (Glenn and Glenna from San Fran) in a low profile, slim line version of the one we had. I am hopeful this will fit properly and not rub against the hull. We will install it tomorrow morning. We are cautious about getting our hopes up after the last 10+ weeks of this.