July 18

This morning we woke early and decided to leave this anchorage as the swell has come up during the night and we are rockin and rollin a bit more then we can handle. We left Navadra at about 12:30pm planning to head North about 8 miles to Waya but when we got out of the bay we realized that with the wind from the NE we would have to tack upwind, and further, we had no guarantee we would find a calm anchorage, which we desperately want. So, we turned South instead for Yanuya which we came upon in about 2 hours and finding it still too lumpy we continued on to Mana where we anchored at about 4pm.

Mana is unusual for the Mamanuthas in that it has a completely encircling fringing reef (though I do not think it is a proper atoll). We managed to goof up the channel markers and scraped the fwd part of the keel on some coral. I snorkeled on it after we anchored and it looks ok if a bit scraped up (I can see glass where it was scraped, but the hull is very thick so I am not concerned - some paint will fix it up easily next time we haul out).

One reason we so badly wanted a calm anchorage is that I have to check the alignment of the shaft since the transmission was installed last week. I have never been satisified that it is properly aligned and I could not dream of working on it while the boat was rocking back and forth.