July 15

At 8am the Queen Jane left its berth and motored to the fuel dock to fill up on diesel. By 8:30 we were away and out of Vunda Pt. Marina. After spending almost 6 weeks there our joy at leaving cannot be overstated. However, everything is tinged with the uncertainty and suspicion that our transmission problems are not behind us. This of course stems from our lack of confidence in the mechanic(s) who put us back together. The engine is running smoothly, but things don't sound the same, and sound is the first defense in early identification of mechanical problems. The only explanations that make sense are that the new orientation of the engine (for we had to manipulate the mounts quite a bit to achieve a good alignment) has changed the sound by moving the alternator further away from the very close port side of the engine box. In the past this always rubbed just a little and made some noise which blanketed out other noises. This, anyway, is my hope. The other possible explanation is that the mechanic is a complete idiot and I am a fool for trusting him and the thing is not aligned properly. We will check it when we arrive at the anchorage and try to make sure everything is still properly lined up.

Our destination is the island of Monuriki, the location for the film "Castaway" with Tom Hanks. However, at about noon we came upon Yanuya (just next to Monuriki) and examined two anchorages but decided they were too rolly with the swell coming around the Southern end of the island. We concluded Monuriki would be the same as it has little protection from the swell. We changed course and are now headed North to Navadra Island where at least cruising guides report a very well protected anchorage and a beautiful beach, etc. We have about 6.5 miles till we get there.

At about 2pm we dropped anchor at Navadra. The anchorage is incredibly beautiful, but a swell is present and the boat is rolling a lot more then I like. Perhaps I am just out of practice, but it seems like it will be uncomfortable tonight. There is a catamaran which came in right in front of us and they are anchored about 100 yards to our port. Fortunately it is the only other boat here.