May 28

It is now about 12:30am and we are sailing along nicely at 6.5k give or take a bit on a course of 310M. We have 69 miles to go to reach the South Passage into Likiep Atoll. We have had a half moon since sunset though it is going to set soon. The skies remain very clear with less then 10% cloud cover. Winds are about 12-14k from the ENE and seas are very calm. According to the Nav-O-Computer we should arrive at Likiep sometime before noon.

Sailing during the night was excellent. The wind came up to 15-18k and we made 7k+ over ground all through the small hours. Between 4am and 6am the wind came up another notch and we were making 7.5-8.5k over ground easily. After the sun came up our speed slowed to about 7k with brief forays into 7.5k territory. Skies were mostly clear with about 15% cloud cover. The swell grew a bit to 2-3ft (yesterday there was no swell at all). At about 8am we caught a very, very small Yellowfin Tuna of about 5lbs. We filleted it and stowed it in the reefer right away. We are hoping for another fish before we enter the lagoon.

It is now 10am and we have about 2.5nm to go to reach the pass into the lagoon. Skies remain clear and the wind is about 15k from the ENE. Seas remain calm and we are well rested.

We came through the pass at about 10:30am and motor sailed to the anchorage behind Likiep Island, the atoll's main island at its Southeastern end. We anchored in 45ft of water at about 11:40am.