May 27

We left Aur Atoll today. Our destination is Likiep Atoll which lies about 145nm to the NW of us. We raised the anchor at about 10:30am and by 11:30am we were leaving the atoll from the West Pass. Weather conditions were excellent with very clear skies and light winds of 10-12k from the East. During the morning hours the winds stayed very light and we were making only 4-5k over ground most of the time on a course of 295M.

Winds stayed from the East until about 5pm when it started to come a bit to the North making for ENE winds, which gave us a slightly better wind angle. After about 10pm the winds began to increase slightly and turn more to the NE and by 10:30pm we had 10-15k from about 65M (ENE). Our speed picked up to about 6.5k. At midnight we passed Erikub Atoll and turned more the NW on a heading of 310M.