March 22

We raised our anchor this morning at about 8:00am and motored to the pass. By 8:40 we were clear of the pass and raising the sails. The weather is the best we have seen in weeks. Sunny skies with about 30-40% cloud cover. The wind is about 10-12k from the East and we are heading South on a heading of 177M. We are bound for Kapingamarangi, an atoll even more remote then Nukuoro though part of the same country, the FSM. We have about 166 miles to reach Kapinga and we are making about 6k over the ground. We hope to reach Kapinga (as it is known) by early afternoon tomorrow. We are all excited about getting there and about being one step closer to Papua New Guinea.

During the morning we sailed at about 5-6k in winds varying from 8-11k. We were close reaching with the wind about 55-70 degrees off the bow. After noon we noticed some squalls on the horizon, none which threatened us and all of them distinct and separate. One passed to our West and gave us a 12-13k wind for a half hour. By 4pm the wind had come around more to the NE (i.e. more North) and the wind angle was now 90-100 degrees off the bow in other words, behind the beam. Coupled with the wind speed decreasing to 4-6k our speed dropped to 2.5-3k and we started the engine. With the engine turning about 1400rpms our speed is 5.5-6k.

It is now 6:30pm and we are still motor sailing. The wind is in the 8-9k range and about 80 degrees off the bow. We are making 6k over ground. Skies are bout 25% cloudy with rain squalls visible on the horizon especially to the West, though there are small ones popping up in most directions. We are tracking them with the radar and have not had any trouble with them.