January 29

Today we raised the anchor early at about 8:30am and headed South to Airik at the bottom of the atoll. The sky was clear and sunny when we left but clouds quickly rolled in and rain squalls occasionally drenched us as we sailed. We used the genoa only and in the brisk 16- 20k winds we were making easily 7+k the whole way. We caught a skipjack tuna trolling on the way but threw it back (not good eating). Our friend Martin on "Wind Runner" managed to catch two big- eye tuna (which are good eating) and he was only about a mile ahead of us. Luckily they showed mercy upon us and tossed us a few fillets.

We anchored at Airik in about 25-30ft of water about 100yds off the beach at about 12:30pm. Airik is a large islet and is surrounded by 2 or 3 other islets which form a sort of horseshoe at the Southern end of the atoll which makes for a very calm anchorage. The winds are forecast to blow 20-30k for the next few days so we are happy to be here in the flat, calm paradise. Right after we anchored another brief shower came through and then it cleared again and the sky filled with bright sunshine again.

The island has a village on it and the people are reported to be very nice. There are 3 other boats here besides us and "Wind Runner". There is "Dancer" with Jim and Jeanette and "Karmaladen" with Rixenne and crew Ash, Peter and Joanne and "Roxanne" with Lynn and Tom and their two boys Jack and Tristan. Jonah loves playing with the two boys so we are glad they are here.