January 20

We sailed through the night with increasing wind and trying to keep the boat speed down so as to avoid an arrival at Maloelap too early in the morning. With the genoa partly rolled in we were still making 6.5-7k over ground.

At about 3am as we passed the Westernmost tip of Aur Atoll the wind began to increase again and back to the NorthEast. This put us hard on the wind and we rolled in the genoa and put out the staysail instead. We continued this way making a good 6.5k over ground until about 4:30am when we passed the Northern tip of Aur at which point the wind backed again to the NorthEast putting us very hard on the wind so as the staysail could not provide sufficient lift. The genoa came back out, about halfway, and we proceeded to sail close hauled at about 5-5.5k over ground. By 6am this was not working anymore as the wind was even more from the North and we started the engine to allow us to point higher into the wind.

We continued motorsailing with only the main and mizzen until about 7:15am when we entered the pass to Maloelap Lagoon. Unfortunately, conditions inside the lagoon were very much the same as outside and short steep seas made going upwind impossible.

At 8:30am we are motorsailing due East toward the Eastern edge of the lagoon where we expect to find calmer water at which point we will tack North again and proceed along the edge of the lagoon (which is dotted with small islands) until we arrive at Taroa, the main islet and anchorage in the lagoon.

It is now 9:35 and we are about 4 miles from the anchorage at Taroa islet. The lagoon was a real pain in the butt but once we got close to the islets and reefs on the East side things calmed down considerably. It looks like it will be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. We expect to arrive at the anchorage in about 45 minutes.