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These are a variety of people, businesses and friends. We don't use the web regularly anymore, but when we do  these are  some of our favorites for sailing, equipment and other related purposes. 


S/V Aldeberan

S/V Emuna (Shannon 50 - FOR SALE!)

S/V Felicity

S/V High Drama

S/V Layla

S/V Long Passages 

S/V Rainsong 

S/V Raven

S/V Seafire

S/V Scafhogg

S/V Tranquility



Jane Resture's Oceania Site

Pacific Islands Report

Samoa Observer

Pacific Beat (Radio)

Pacific Islands Magazine (Web)

Tahiti Presse (French & English)

Car Talk (NPR)

Fresh Air (NPR)

This American Life (NPR)

National Public Radio (online)

Time to Talk (Radio Australia)

PADI Dive Training

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Trinidad Hot Sauce (order page)

48 North (Magazine)

Blue Water Sailing (Magazine)


Bigel Entertainment

Talk to Dr. Rita


New Caledonia Weather  (French)

Australia Bureau of Meteorology

BOM Four Day Forecast


Fiji Meteorological Service 

Fiji Broadcasting Corp

New Zealand Met

Naviti Weather/Info Ctr (Vanuatu)

NOAA Wavewatch II (126hr predictions)

Caribbean Hurricane Networks

Souther Hemisphere Tropical Cyclones


The Mother of all Maritime Links

Fisheries Supplies

Blue Water Books

Downwind Marine

Noonsite (Jimmy Cornell)



YOTREPS (Pangolin)



WinLink 2000

St. Brendan's Isle


Brion Toss Rigging

Jamestown Distributers


USCG Radiofax

Flitz Metal Polish


The Straight Dope

Armchair Sailor Seabooks

Ocean Navigator OnLine

ShadeTree Awnings

The Calvert School



Garhauer Marine

Icom Marine SSB

Jordan Drouge (Ace Sails)

Spectra Watermakers


Shannon Yachts