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Photo Gallery - September 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


DannyBigel's way cool crib on Venice Beach, California. On our way to New York we had a 2 day layover in LA and had a great time hangin with Jordan's brother, our friends and Danny's friends. 







The view from the terrace is fine. Great location. LA... WE LOVE IT!








View South from the terrace. The breakwater, which can be seen in the background, forms the entrance to the Marina del Rey complex where Queen Jane spent almost a month back in September, 2000. 







The night we arrived, though we were hung over with trans-Pacific jet lag, Danny hosted a small gathering of 20 or so people. Our old friends the Hefta-Gaubs from Seattle were in town and my friend Greg Carpenter (who lives in Laguna Beach) brought his lovely new girlfriend Paula. 






Our friends Brad and Adrien Hefta-Gaub with  one of their beautiful daughters (Saffron) eating BBQ on the terrace. The entire family had come to Los Angeles just to see us (well really they came to take the kids to Disney Land, an experience they will not soon forget, the kids I mean).






Danny at left, then Paula (whose last name I can't recall) and Greg Carpenter, an old friend from Seattle.








Jonah lounging on Danny's friend Sean who seems to make a comfortable couch. 








Jonah being buried alive at the beach by Brad and Danny.








I hope he quits while he's a head.








On our last night in LA Jonah plays chess with Uncle Danny.








Jonah, Cole and even little Julia get in on the action attacking Uncle Al (who is also Cole and Julia's father). Al Hodys is Jordan's brother-in-law, his sister Debbie's husband.  







Jonah and Julia playing in the little car in the driveway at Jordan's mother's house in Otis, Massachusetts.








Jordan and Jonah in Otis.








Rita (Jordan's mom) and Harvey with the 3 grandkids.








In Woodstock, where Jordan's father lives, Jonah had another horseback riding lesson. Here he is leading the horse out to the corral with the instructor. 








Jonah trotting in the corral.








After the lesson Jonah leads the horse back to the barn and 








The swan boats at the Public Garden in Boston.  








It's a bit touristy, but its very pleasant and Jonah loved it. 








Thsi is the stable where they keep all the extra swans when they aren't too busy.








Nana and Mr. Bobby wait at the dock since dogs are not allowed on the swan boats (how unfair!)








Kate and her mother with Mr. Bobby in foreground.










Jonah rides the mother duck at the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue in the Public Garden.








Kate poses before a statue of a Minuteman in Concord, Massachusetts, the town where she grew up.










The Concord Bridge where the first real battle of the Revolutionary War was fought between British regulars and a squad of minutemen.








A view of the bridge from the other side.








At the top of Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, New York (near Jordan's father's house) is this fire lookout tower.










Looking down on Kate and Jonah at a picnic table from about half way up the tower.








A view of the scenery from the top of the fire tower. The Hudson River can be seen in this photo winding its way South to New York City.








A view from the tower in a different direction. 








A photo of the ruins of the Overlook Hotel on Overlook Mountain.








Another shot of the overgrown ruins. I believe this was a functioning hotel in the late 19th century.








At Jordan's sister's home, Jonah finds time to play with his new gameboy, a gift of his Grandpa and Grandma.








Baby sitting Julia (Debbie's daughter) was easy. We just plopped her on the couch and she fell right asleep! So she peed on the couch, big deal.








Debbie and Kate in Deb's beautiful kitchen.








Breakfast for the kids.








Look, its a bird, its a plane, no wait, its the ocean!