Photo Gallery - September 2002 

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Sunset at Kuatu, an island just South of Waya in the Yasawa Group of Fiji.






Leaving Fiji, Kuatu receedes in the distance on a beautiful sunny day.






Jonah sleeping in the cockpit while underway to Vanuatu from Fiji.






The young men of the village Asanvari (on the island of Maewo) preparing Kava for the evenings festivities.






Gene and Robbie from "Noason". From Alaska, Noason has been making visits to Asanvari for 3 years and have adopted the village as their second home. They help the villagers by carrying supplies from Santo to Maewo which is not on many trade routes and also work on projects like building a new Women's Craft Center and impoving drinking water delivery systems. Their daughter Allison played with Jonah every day we were at Asanvari.



Allison and Jonah playing in the village on a concrete slab destined to be a guest villa when completed.






The village put on a dance demonstration for the visitors (there were about 6 boats at anchor, all but one came) with dinner following (which was quite good). The dances performed were short samples of the real dances they perform on certain notable days. Normally, a single dance can last an hour or two. The men performed 4 or 5 dances, each one lasting about 5 minutes.




The kids also had a chance to demonstrate their dancing skills.






It rained constantly at Asanvari the week we were. But there that on one particular night where it rained harder and more steadily then I can ever remember. In the morning the dinghy was almost completely filled with water. The fuel tank was floating (upside down) in the dinghy. The captain was required to bail even though it was still raining!




One of the highlights of Asanvari was the waterfall. Here you can just see it through the bushes on shore as we approach.






Another view of the waterfall from the dinghy.






Jonah and Kate scamper up the river leading to the waterfall.







One last shot of the falls. I wanted to get closer to get some better shots, but the mist was so thick from the falls that I was afriad the camera would be damaged.





A little girl in front of a palm tree in Asanvari.






Chief Nelson and one of the kids in the village.






The Chief's house. It also seems to serve as a meeting place and event location.





The nurse at the dispensary in Asanvari.






Jonah gets his turn at the pinata on Allison's birthday. And no, the pinata is not a customary Vanuatan birthday ritual, Allison's parents made it for her birthday party.





Kate chillin in the cockpit on a lazy day.






The view of the Aore Island Resort from the moorings. The resort maintains about 8 moorings for visiting yachts as the water just off the beach is between 75 and 130ft deep. A bit tough for anchoring.




One of the resort's cabins on the water. The resort is very well maintained and has an orderly look about it. This particular cabin is just adorable and the water in front is georgous.





Another shot of the front yard of the resort. It is a beautiful place and I would highly recommend it for a traditional vacation. The dive guy next door at ProDive (Dave) took Kate and I on several dives on the SS President Coolidge a 650ft liner converted to troopship (Santo was a major forward base during WW II) which sunk in the channel after hitting 2 mines which it was unaware of.



Kate chillin in the cockpit on a lazy day.






A string band playing at the Aore Resort on Aore island, just across the channel from Luganville on Santo.






Rachel and Ed off "Horai" from Boston at the Island Night Buffet at Aore Island Resort.






Greg and Denise, on the left, from "Four Winds" (whom we first me in Mexico two years ago) and Richard from "Astor" on the right (whom we just met that night).





The big table at the buffet dinner at the resort. The resort (which is very lovely) does a weekly "Island Night" which is quite well attended. The evening features a buffet, Kava bar, and custom dancing.





The buffet table and Doug, the proprietor, on the right.






Lani and Richard from the S/V Astor. The Astor is a 1924 Fife 74ft schooner. Photos of the Astor appear below. Lani hosted all the boats in the anchorage at a BBQ aboard her boat and we all had a chance to poke around. She is one of the most beautiful boats I have even see, let alone been allowed on. Her hailing port is Hawaii but they are from Newport Beach, California. 




Custom Dancing at the Aore Resort show.






Another shot of the performers at the dance demonstration.






Kids sitting together during the dance performance. Except for Jonah, these kids are all guests of the resort. When we were at the resort none of the other boats moored there had kids.





The dance performance also included several kids in the same getup as the other dancers. Apprentice dancers I suppose.







The Sailing Vessel Astor mooring in front of the Aore Island Resort.






The S/V Astor.






View from the pool at the resort.






The pier at the resort was available for yachts to park their dinghies and also was home to the resort's transfer boat which was used to get the guests on and off the island (Luganville, Santo is about 2 miles across the channel).





The deck of the Queen Jane with Kate relaxing just before sunset.






Sunset from Aore Resort anchorage.






The anchorage at Ratua Island on the South side of Aore island. This was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Perhaps in the top 3 in the world so far.





The island of Aore is to our left and Ratua is in front of us. Here you can see the buildings of the Sevent Day Adventist mission which is located here.  Their bells woke us every morning at 5:30. And again at 5:40, 5:50 and 6:00am.





The skipper reading in the cockpit.







Kate and Jonah playing on the bow.






Ratua Island from the anchorage.






Looking West from the anchorage at Ratua.






The SDA Mission at Aore.






Travelling through the Segond Channel at 6am, a small boatload if islanders crosses our track waving to us. There is no wind and the peacefulness is deep and all-encompassing. In short, another beautiful morning in paradise.