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Photo Gallery - September 2001 

Second Half!

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


A waterfall found while touring the island of Upolu in Independant Samoa. 






A close-up photo of the waterfall..







A really interesting Samoan village church.





Kate relaxing at a little bar/restaurant we found on the South coast of Upolu while touring the island. It rained the whole day but was really fascinating.




The little place we had lunch on the South coast of Upolu. It is owned by a ex-pat Kiwi and his Samoan family. They also offer inexpensive bungalows for rent and are right on the beach. Mostly a surfer hangout.




One of the typically stunning South coast beaches which dot the coastline of Upolu. Unfortunately in the rain we could only look. 





Jonah clowns on the beach oblivious to the foul weather. 





A group of beach fales similar to dozens of other groups all along the beach ridden coast. The families who own them live across the road rent them for just a few Tala.Many backpackers camp in them overnight. They are equipped with fold down tarp flaps.



Jonah posing with a little Samoan girl we met when we stopped to take some photos at a beautiful beach we passed. If only it were not raining.





The little girl and her mother. When she noticed we were walking around taking photos and talking with the girl she came across the road and asked for 2 tala which we gave her (about 75 cents US).  





The famous beach at Lalomano. Arguably the most beautiful beach in all the Samoas. We also were hit up by an old man to pay a fee for stopping on his land to photograph this scene. We gave him 50 senes (about 30 cents US).



Some more example of a Samoan village road and local housing.





The first in a series of shots taken at the produce market in Apia, Independant Samoa.





The market is actually open 24 hours a day. Many families have a member sleep in their stall even when not open since the space could be poached by another vendor if it were vacant. Some stalls have been occupied by the same family for years I was told. 



The array of produce available in Apia was incredible. Green beans seen here along with lettuce and cabbage in the background were always available along with cucumbers, green peppers, eggplant and a variety of other green food.



Jonah running through the isles at the produce market.






The produce market also contains stalls selling native products actually used by the local people, not tourist souveniers like at the flea market. 




A row of stalls selling household goods.







A final shot of the produce market. I was taking several shots on the sly since the locals don't really like to be photographed and I didn't want to appear to obvious. This one was taken while walking and has an interesting quality to it. 





Man do they have a lot of banannas in Samoa! 






Samoan carvings found in a stall in a quiet section of the market. .





The Danish Sailing Vessel Scafhogg underway between Apia and Savai'i.





The view from the anchorage at Asau on the big island of Savai'i. We were only three boats here the whole time, Scafhogg, Abel Tasmen and us.




"Scafhogg" at anchor in Asau, Savai'i.







The Canadian Sailing Vessel "Abel Tasmen" at anchor in Asau, Savai'i.





The beautiful bay of Asau in Savai'i is completely rural. There are no piers or docks in the bay which is protected completely by a reef which covers the mouth of the bay. A narrow man made channel is used to enter the bay.



Another fabulous view of Asau, Savai'i.





In Asau Bay. Village homes can be seen just behind the trees on shore.





Sunset over Savai'i. View to the West from the Queen Jane at anchor in Asau.





Another sunset shot in Savai'i.






Final sunset photo from Savai'i.






Emma, Anetta and Kate relaxing in the Queen Jane cockpit.





The Queen Jane at sea on the Savai'i to Wallis passage. This passage had the worst weather we have experienced yet.





On the passage to Wallis we experienced about 30 hours of 30-40k wind and seas of 10-12ft.





A shot taken from the companionway showing the sea state. This photo was taken at mid-day. 






A final shot of the Queen Jane at sea on the way to Wallis. It is very difficult to show how waves tower above the cockpit when you are trying to take photos on a pitching boat in the rain. This shot is a weak representation of what it is like.