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Photo Gallery - September 2001 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


A rusty, derelict Tuna boat anchored in PagoPago Harbor.





A view of PagoPago Harbor from the Queen Jane at anchor. In the center Rainmaker Mountain can be seen. To the left are the tuna canneries and tuna fleet.




Jonah standing at the end of the public pier at Pago. This is where sailboats tie up to clear in with customs or to take on fuel from the fuel truck.




Local fishing boats tied up in the small boat basin in Pago.





The Tool Shop was indespensible in our quest for parts and supplies while in Pago. The manager, Fred, is extremely helpful and lets cruisers use his phone for local calls. The laundramat is attached to the Tool Shop and is opened 24hrs daily!



The PagoPago tuna fleet tied up at the tuna canneries and processing center. According to a factory worker we spoke with StarKist tuna alone ships 3 million cans of tuna each day the plant operates.



The PagoPago container port. Since Am. Samoa imports nearly everything it consumes the container port is constantly busy with ships.




A lovely building in downtown Fagatoga the administrative center of PagoPago Harbor.





Riding the dinghy back to the boat from the dinghy dock at Pago.





The Queen Jane at anchor in PagoPago Harbor.





A nice shot of the stern.






Jonah doing the Power Ranger dance.







The bus station in PagoPago.






A typical example of Am. Samoa busses. This one being an example of the smaller size.





This is one of the normal size busses in American Samoa.





A view of the exterior of the PagoPago public market. Notice how deserted it is?





A view to the inside of the market at Pago. Venders sit in the covered ring and display their produce on the steel tables facing out. The center of the market is a big courtyard used, apparently, only for Bingo games.




About all you will ever find at the PagoPago produce market is coconuts, breadfruit and bananas. Lots of bananas. Plenty of cocnuts. Rarely anything else.




The Queen Jane at anchor in Apia, the capital of Independant Samoa.





Jonah wearing the traditional garb of Samoan men, the Lavalava.






Jonah pretending to Mr. Tool Belt Man. All his play tools, nails, and bolts are arrayed in his "utility belt".






Apia has two public semi-outdoor markets. Three in fact counting the fish market which operates only in the morning. This is the "flea market" where stalls are filled with clothing, tourist crap, Kava bowls, etc.




Jonah eating an ice cream outside the flea market.





The dining room at Aggie Gray's Hotel in Apia set up for "Fiafia" night. The fiafia as it is presented today is merely a song and dance show but was once an important cultural ritual. After the show the tables are re-arranged for a buffet dinner.



Our new friend Anders off the Danish sailing vessel Scafhogg.






Anetta and Anders from Scafhogg at the Fiafia.





The kids table at the Fiafia. From left, Jonah, Victor and Emma from Scafhogg.





Kate and Anetta discussing deep issues of great world import over a huge rum drink.





The crew of the Queen Jane and the crew of Scafhogg relax at the Fiafia at Aggie Gray's famous hotel in Apia, Independant Samoa.





The musicians come out first to warm the crowd up.





The entire ensemble  performing at the Fiafia at Aggie Gray's Hotel.





Samoan dancing at the Fiafia.






The big finale at the Fiafia was the fire juggling act. Not caught on camera: a performer drops a flaming baton in the pool.





The Vavaii tree. The tree with few if any leaves sports dozens of drooping pods which when ripe open to reveal a cottony fiberous material. The locals apparently use the material to make pillows. I have been told by Anders of Scafhogg that this is called a "Kapock" tree in other languages.




A pair of country porkers standing by the side of the road. Kept pigs are very common in Samoa.





One of the hundreds of churchs found in the small villages strung around the coast.





A pig in idyllic surroundings.






A mother hen and her chicks out for a stroll on the side of the road.





Kate resting at the bar of the Sinelei Reef Resort, a hotel we passed on our trip around the island.





The bar at the Sinelei Reef Resort hotel.The hotel was lovely with a georgous pool and bar area. The weather was cloudy and raining that day, so we did not visit the beach but it looked great from the pool.