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Photo Gallery - September 2000

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

The first half of September:

The Bigel Boys cuddling in bed. Some of that power napping.  



Jonah being a monster in his mask he made with Mom. We are somewhere off the coast of California.  


A wonderful sunset approaching Southern California.



Kate on the Bowsprit of the Queen Jane in the Santa Barbara Channel.



S/V Queen Jane at the Dolphin Marina, Marina Del Rey, CA.



Jordan and Jonah on Venice Beach, CA.



Jordan and Jonah jumping waves and having "too much fun" as Jonah said. Venice Beach, CA.



Swinging on Venice Beach.




Sailing somewhere off the West Coast.



Dolphin swimming with the Queen Jane in mid-coean.



Jonah in his foul weather gear looking cute.




Navigation Station (aka Mission Control).



The Queen Jane at sunset somewhere offshore.



Jordan at the helm somewhere off the coast of California during a fine sunny morning (chilly but sunny).



The skippah chowing somewhere in the Santa Barbara Channel.



The Bigel.net webmaster Supreme (Brian Lenihan)  and his lovely wife Lisa in Seattle before our departure.