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Photo Gallery - October 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The trampoline at our friend David and Melissa's home in Westchester, New York. We spent a lovely afternoon and evening there with a group of old friends. That's Jonah in the yellow shirt with one of David and Melissa's girls.







Inside, at the kid's table, burgers are ravenously consumed. From left to right (adults only) are Melissa, Kate, David (back turned), David (back turned) and Joey.







Jordan's mother Rita threw another party which was mostly family.








The two melissas. Seated is Melissa Meyers, Jordan's cousin Michael's wife. Standing is Melissa Heller who is also in the second photo on the page in her kitchen. It was she and her husband David who hosted us in their home the previous day! 







Other guests at Jordan's mother's were his friend Sandy (seated at left), David's mother Annette (speaking with Kate) and David and his Father Harry.








For the kid's its Pizza Time! Standing at left is Jordan's brother-in-law Al Hodys (his son Cole is in the yellow shirt). Jonah is at right (already eating his slice) and at left is Jordan's cousin Michael's son Alex.







Jordan with his Aunt Betsey.








Jordan's brother, Danny, the famous movie producer.








Back in Cairns, Australia, Jordan and Kate have some friends over for a farewell dinner before they head South on their way to Brisbane. At left is Luis from "Green Nomad" and Shayle, formerly of the yacht "Startdancer II". She and her husband Keith (along with Luis and his wife Marli) were among the cruisers in the Marshall Islands last year and we were thrilled to run into all of them again in Cairns.






Luis' wife Marli looking especially sassy in Jonah's Eqyptian mask.








Kate looking especially sassy.










Jonah opening gifts on his Birthday. This is the second time Jonah has had a birthday in Australia.








The birthday cake.








The Queen Jane at the fuel dock at Yorkeys Knob.








Trace and her son Manu visiting with us in Cairns. We first met Tracy, her husband Ken and their family in Pohnpei, FSM in December of 2004. Later we spent almost 5 weeks with them at Kapingamarangi where they had been living for over 3 years. They had just returned to Australia (their home country) from Micronesia where they plan to spend the next few years building their next boat. Ken is an expert boat builder and his current boat "Magic" should be for sale soon.





Tracy's husband Ken.








Our first stop after leaving Cairns, Russel Island was incredibly beautiful and proved to be completely typical of the islands along the coast of Queensland.








After Russel I. we visited Dunk Island where we caught up with more old friends on "Kekaimalu". We spent 5 days at Dunk Island while a Southerly wind blew through.








Jonah in the sailing dinghy alongside the Queen Jane.








The beach and part of the resort on Dunk Island.








The dinghy beached at Dunk.








The beach at Dunk Island showing some of the small boats available for rent (or "hire" as they say in Australia). Dunk Island has a resort and is also popular as a day's outing for people who come on the ferry from the mainland.







Jonah and Jordan played several games of Chess on the giant board just behind the beach at Dunk Island.








A big surprise to us was this paddock with horses we came across while walking around on Dunk Island. The island was especially beautiful and was quite fertile and green, especially compared to the islands further South, many of which were quite bare.







Jonah gets close to one of the horses.