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Photo Gallery - October 2004 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Cake time at Jonah's 8th birthday party held at Majuro Bowl. Jonah's Australian friends attended as did Alan Cooper.







Jonah had a great time at his bowling party, and having the cake first made it even better!







The big bowling party Bowlathon. Seven kids, two lanes and chocolate cake! 







Jessica Marsh, the littlest bowler. The Marshs are some of the lovely Australian people we met during our time in Majuro. Steve Marsh is part of the Australian Navy mission to the Marshall Islands and along with Paul Mccarthy and one other (Neil) form the entire complement.






Scott's turn. Scott, the younger of the Mccarthy boys, is doing alright with the orange ball.







Jonah, who is of course ours, bowls third and uses a yellow 8lb ball. He is looking cool in his khaki shorts and bowling shoes.







Megan, the middle of the Marsh girls, has a mean throw. She is one the cutest of the Marsh girls by the way, except for Jessica and Lauren!









Craig Mccarthy showing off his stellar form in this shot shows that he CAN manage to bowl and suck on a lollypop at the same time!









Last but not least, Lauren, the eldest of the Marsh girls, shows how it is done. Everyone in Majuro was talking about the great game she bowled the next day.







While the kids bowl, Allison and Renee shoot some pool.







Renee Marsh, cue in hand, plans her next shot.








The morning of Jonah's actual birthday. As is our tradition, Jonah awakes to find the saloon decorated with streamers, ribbons and birthday ornamentia.







The Birthday Sharks.








Jonah opening presents! .









Cary from "Seal" and Martin from "Windrunner" prepare their "beer can" boats for the 1st annual Meico Beach Yacht Club beer can races.






Jonah practices with his beer can racer (actually made of a Coke can in his case). Kate is to left, she also had a boat in the race.





Jonah on the left and Cary on the right getting in a last practice run before the start of the event. 






Just as the sun set, the first race  began. There were at least 25 or 30 entrants and they ran in heats of 6 or 8. Jonah's boat sank before it reached the finish as did Kate's.






Talk to the hand. Ok, we'll admit it, not much happened in October. Sure, things happened other then Jonah's birthday, but we were not prepared to document them (ie. we didn't have the camera). But really, not much did happen. We got back to Majuro on the 10th then worked on the boat till the end of the month. Nothing new in Majuro so nothing to take photos of. Next month will be more interesting.