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Photo Gallery - October2003 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Martin from "Wind Runner"  and Jordan aboard "Green Nomad" having drinks before dinner.






A restored WWII jeep on Aore Island near Luganville, Espirito Santo (Vanuatu). Photo courtesy of "Green Nomad".






The bridge crossing the river which leads to the "Blue Hole" on Santo near Petersen Bay.






Kate and Jonah on the ride up the river to the blue hole.






Jonah hanging from a vine over the river. He would grab the vine as we drove past and hang there as we turned the dinghy around then he would drop into the boat as we passed under, if he could hold on long enough.





This time he couldn't hold on long enough and dropped into the river.







Approaching the swimming hole at the end of the river.






Jonah diving into the water at the blue hole. This crystal clear, freshwater swimming hole was a  paradise of fresh, clean water. We visited the hole 3 times while we were anchored nearby at Petresen Bay.





A good shot of the blue hole. The water was so clear you could easily see 150ft horizontally (the width of the hole) and when you dropped into it with a mask and snorkel it was like you were floating in air without water it was so clear.





One of Jonah floating in the blue hole with mask, snorkel and a "noodle" float.






Kate and Jonah in the cockpit at Petersen Bay.







Approaching the Banks Group in Northern Vanuatu at sunrise.






In this photo you can see the island of Vanua Lava on the left and Motalava in the background.






The view of the village of Sola from the anchorage (on Vanua Lava). Although it looks calm here, later in the day a nasty swell began to creep in making this by far the most rolly anchorage we have ever been in.





The supply ship anchored at Sola while we were there.






The "bakery" at Sola. Actually the home and workplace of the baker and his family who happens to be the cousin of the Customs officer (the official who clears vessels in and out of the country from Sola which is a Port of Entry for Vanuatu).





The baker and his oven. Some breads can be seen on the table to the left. We bought 5 loaves here and frooze three of them for the passage to Kiribati.





The bank at Sola was just a cement box with a counter outside (seen at right with plywood cover in place). A public phone was outside (on wall at left) and the captain sat here waiting for a call from the states.





Some girls at Sola who posed for this photo. This picture, and the one above, was taken by Jonah.






The island of Mota Lava taken while underway after leaving Sola for Waterfall Bay (on the other side of Vanua Lava).






Sailing downwind in 25k with only the genoa and making 8k on the way to Waterfall Bay.







This delicious little fish, a Rainbow Runner, was clearly not the smartest fish in the sea. How he thought he could eat this huge green squid lure I don't know, but he sure was delicious butterflied and cooked on the grill.






Jonah mugs for the camera.






Though hard to see in this photo (check the large version by clicking it) a huge waterfall explodes from the middle of this cliff. We passed this incredible waterfall about 3 miles from our destination, Waterfall Bay which has its own double waterfall (see below).





Jonah and his friend Shane from "Kekaimalu". We first met them in Port Vila a couple of months before and saw them at several places along the way North.





Shane, Paul and Kate (yes, same name) from "Kekaimalu" aboard Queen Jane for farewell drinks before we parted (for good). Kekaimalu headed NW for the Solomon Islands and then planned to head back South to Australia (their home) for the cyclone season.





Moorea, Carol and Craig's little girl looking very cute for the camera aboard the Queen Jane one evening. "Valere" (Craig and Carol's boat) was headed West to Australia for cyclone season and then plan to head North and West to SE Asia next season. We may run into them at Darwin or in Indonesia next year.






Kate and Jonah search the bottom for a pair of shorts which fell overboard at Waterfall Bay. The water here was incredibly clear and after they spotted the shorts the captain had to don the scuba gear to retrieve them from 35ft of water.





The double waterfalls at Waterfall Bay. Photo courtesy of Louis on "Green Nomad". This spot was an incredible swimming hole with deep, clean and cold water just perfect for relaxing in the heat of the day.







Another shot of the waterfalls with Chief Kereley seen at center-left. Chief Kereley had been recently elected chief as the line of hereditary chiefs had apparently died out in this area.






A beautiful sunset seen from the cockpit of the Queen Jane while underway from Vanuatu to Tarawa in Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas). The 960 nautical mile passage took us just over 7 days.