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Photo Gallery - October 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah reading during school.






Jonah and Roni. Roni and his family were staying at the Aore Resort where we were moored for several weeks.






Eating stalls at the public market at Luganville, Santo. 






A section of the main street in Luganiville. .






One of the many quonset huts on Santo left over from WWII. At one point the island was covered with rows and rows of them forming a town of corrogated aluminum huts. Now they are used as general purpose buildings for a variety of businesses.






Another quonset hut example, this one much nicer.






Jonah and Kate posing at the big propellor in front of the town administration building.






We found a beautiful, new playground at one end of the town park and Jonah played there whenever we visited the town. 






Waiting for the resort ferry to take us back to Aore Island. The resort runs a ferry which is supposed to be for resort guests but most of the time there are only yachties on it.






The S/V High Drama from Arizona heading South along the Western coast  of Malekula in Vanuatu.






Jonah getting his fingernails cut (while we are sailing for Australia).







In the Coral Sea one day we noticed thousands of these larvael looking things spread evenly (one per 10sq yds perhaps) across a calm sea. We were motoring in about 2 knots of wind and the sea was glasslike. They look kinda like baby jellyfish but without tentacles. Anyone know what it is precisely? 





Jordan working on a fish on a calm sea. We were motoring in calm seas and Kate spied a group of birds just ahead of us right in our path, about a half mile away. I dropped the lure in the water and let out the line then put on the fighting belt (optimism intimidates fish). In less then 3 minutes we had a fish).





A nice Yellowfin Tuna (Ahe) of perhaps 20-24lbs.








Jonah on  the morning of his birthday (the day after we arrived in Bundaberg, Australia) checking out the cool decorations mom made while he was sleeping (and the giant hot dog baloon).





Jonah and dad assembling the Htot Wheels setup one of Jonah's coolest birthday presents.






Hot Wheels!






The haulout and hardstand area at Bundaberg Port Marina just outside the town of Bundaberg.






One of the kids from the marina riding Jonah's bike who follows on her scooter.






Sunset from our slip at the marina - the flag in the photo is the Hawaiian State Flag and is here flown on the stern of our neighbers Scott and Eden from Hawaii (whose boat name I cannot remember - Te Amau I think)





Eden and Scott on the Queen Jane. They are from Hawaii and bought their boat in Tauranga 2 years ago. They also spent the season in Vanuatu and visited New Caledonia also. 





For remving the installing the new batteries we had Mick in from Mobile Engine Services to do the hard work and Tony from the marina with the forklift cum crane do the heavy lifting.





One of the old batteries (Lifeline AGM 8D) comes out. They lasted only 3 years under admittedly heavy use and perhaps even some abuse. We replaced them with Gel batteries (SeaVolt) and are hoping to get more  life out of them. I also plan to follow a more healthy charging plan from now on to prevent them cycling too deeply. 






Tony working the forklift/crane. Tony runs the hardstand here and operates the travellift.






The battery rack (in the port side cockpit locker) with 3 of the 4 batteries removed (top one remains - the tricky one).







A new battery being attached tothe lift  on the dock before being hoisted aboard.