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Photo Gallery - October 2001 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah plays Catch The Breadfruit with Al from "Abel Tasmen".





Kate and Lucinda (from "Abel Tasmen") hiking to the ancient ruins on the island of Wallis.





The ruins of an ancient meeting ground on the island of Wallis.





The ruins on Wallis consisted of a huge field with large stone platforms and other structures.





Another of the mysterious structures found at the ruins on Wallis.





The stone entry way to the interior of the ruins.






A final image of the Wallis ruins. This one of a passageway along the outer edge of the site.






A picture of the lagoon taken from the anchorage on the island of Wallis.





Another shot taken at Wallis. This is one of the many little islands inside the lagoon.





A small frieghter exiting the lagoon at Wallis taken while we were moving from one anchorage to another.





One more of the same frieghter.






The approach to Vanua Levu in Fiji.






Sunset photo taken from our first anchorage in Fiji - in front of the Cousteau resort on the island of Vanua Levu about 3 miles from Savusavu the port of entry.





The Copra Shed Marina in Savusavu, Fiji. Not really a marina by US standards, the Copra Shed maintains a group of moorings for both local charter and visiting sailboats.





A ketch at the fuel dock at Savusavu.






Taken from our mooring in Savusavu.






Kate and Maggie, whose husband Kate met diving.We had them aboard for drinks one evening along with a family from Australia we also met diving.





Ashley (Maggie's husband) and their baby girl.






Andrew and Mary, a couple (with 3 kids) who we met at the Cousteau dive resort. They were on board one evening for drinks with Ashley and Maggie (seen above).






Another shot taken from our mooring in Savusavu.






Savusavu Town from our mooring.






On our second dive with the Cousteau Resort we met more friends. Dave, Karen and Doug were all staying at Cousteau. We got to chatting on the dive boat and Capt. Dave (a pilot with UPS) had just bought a sailboat (Endevour 40 I believe) and wanted to come see our boat, so we had them all over for drinks that night.



Doug, last name unknown. Doug lives somewhere in Canada and we hope it is not too cold there now as he looks at this web page and remembers how warm and sunny it is in Fiji right now <g>.





The third man (ahem) in the diving trio described above. Karen is from San Diego.






The Queen Jane underway bound for Makongai after leaving Savusavu.





Ensign Jonah keeping an eye out for ships.






The first in a series of dolphin photos taken on the way to Makongai.





The dolphins shown here are part of a pod (school) of animals which numbered in excess of 100 easily. They swam along with us for about 20 minutes.





This shot captures a dolphin splashing down after jumping. It is very hard to catch one actually in the air. The captain took over 30 photos trying. This one is the closest he came.





This shot shows the incredible color of the water. This is actually a fair representation and was not done with fancy filters or doctored digitally in any way.





The final shot in the series of five. Nothing warms our hearts or brights our day more then seeing dolphins on a passge. Truly it is the highest form of honor when these majestic creatures choose to swim alongside. If only we could communicate with them.




The approach to Makongai. This island is about 40 miles SW of Savusavu and is inhabited sparsely by a dozen families spread around the island. There is no village per se, no stores, shops or anything of note except a Tridacna Clam hatchery and Turtle program (see photos below).




The Queen Jane at anchor at Makongai. We spent a very pleasant week here relaxing with our new friends aboard Dragon Lady.





The first in a series of shots depicting the coral reefs close to shore at Makongai. The water clarity here close to land was astounding, though out at the fringing reef where we dove it lacked the same quality.




Wow. Check out the water here.






This photo shows the expanse of coral along the shore and tries to give the viewer some idea of the incredible beauty of the place.





A view of the hatchery cum village on Makongai. The buildings grouped here are the remnants of a leper colony which closed down in the 1950s or 60s. Now they house some of the dozen families which live on the island as well as the clam hatchery and turtle recovery program.




Mary from the S/V Dragon Lady. One day at Makongai we took the crew of Dragon Lady aboard the Queen Jane and anchored out on the reef for a morning of diving. Mary was kind enough to play babysitter while the rest of us dove since she does not dive.




Darwin of S/V Dragon Lady (Mary's husband).






Sunset from the anchorage at Makongai.






Another shot of sunset at Makongai. If you look carefully close to the top of the photo you can just barely make out the sliver of the waxing moon.






Cocktails in the Cockpit with Kate.






Kate busy at work decorating the boat for Jonah's fifth birthday (Oct. 20th).





The kids from Dragon Lady (Colin and Tristan) with Mara in the middle. Mara was a Peace Corps volunteer they met in Apia, Samoa who decided to join them as crew for some cruising in Fiji and the passage to Australia.




Bill, at the clam hatchery, showing the kids a turtle from the turtle pool. They collect baby turtles from the beaches around Makongai and raise them till they are able to survive in the wild and then release them. This one is a Hawksbill, an endangered species. They also have Green Turtles.




Jonah, the kids from "Dragon Lady" and some local kids looking at the turtle pool.





The kids playing on a beached boat at Makongai.






Jonah's birthday party aboard the Queen Jane. From left are Colin, Jonah and Tristan eating cheeseburgers.





The birthday cake.






Another shot of the incredible birthday cake, with sparkler.






One of Jonah's many birthday gifts, a robot which transforms to 3 trains.





Jonah and his friends putting the new Space Base toy together on his birthday.





Another photo of Jonah and Tristan playing with the Space Base toy.






It's time to play Pile on The Daddy - Yeah!






Kate reading bedtime stories to the kids at the sleepover portion of the birthday party.





Jonah climbing up the swim ladder. Mom is seen in the water below.





After placing the dinghy on deck in preparation for departure a heavy rainstorm filled it with water. The next morning Jonah decided it made a perfect bathtub!






The crew of "Dragon Lady" attempting to board the Queen Jane with Jonah the Pirate in the bow leading the charge.





After a group swim the three kids warm themselves in the sun, sans bathing suits.





The view of the village of Naiseuseu on the island of Mbengga from our anchorage.  





Our new friends Ben, Thomas and Kendra whom we met at Mbengga Island. Thomas and Kendra are backpackers from California who were staying in the village with Ben and his family. They all came aboard one afternoon after spear fishing in the bay. Ben and his wife Marie also hosted us for lunch at their home on Sunday after church. They were exceedingly generous and friendly to us all.



Marie, Ben's wife (see photo above), visits with their little daughter.





Jonah posing (for scale) with giant lobster.






We bought this lobster from a man in the village. We had to cut the tail off before cooking as our pot is not large enough for the monster whole. The meat was prepared Chinese style in a Chili Sauce.





The view from the anchorage at Yanutha, a small island about 7 miles from Mbengga inside the same lagoon. This is our favorite spot in Fiji so far and in fact our favorite spot since leaving the Tuomotus last June!




Surfers returning to the Surf Camp on shore at Yanutha after a hard day riding the waves at Frigate Passage.





Jonah dressed up for Haloween as "Batman".