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Photo Gallery - November 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The Queen Jane in the travellift at Bundaberg. 






Jonah mugging in his bike helmet. Renee from "Aldeberan" is in back on the left, Tamara from "Rainsong" is on the right. 






The S/V Juniper parked next to us at Bundeberg for a while. Jonah became fast friends with Anthony. Also shown is Anthony's sister Ella and mother Joanna.





View of the beach from the apartment we rented in Bagara while the boat was on the hard. 






View from the porch in the apartment. 






The hardstand as seen from the cockpit of the Queen Jane.






Queen Jane on the hard. View facing NE.






Jonah and Anthony playing in the surf at the beach in Bagara.






Keel after blisters have been ground off. We discovered quite a number of blisters when we hauled this time. Although we have not had any blister problems to date, it is not unusual for a boat of this age.





View of the bow showing blisters aftre grinding. 






The rudder was especially bad for some reason. Here you can see a heavy distribution of blisters at te bottom of the rudder. 







Here we can see the rack of batteries showing the bottom 3 batteries. These were just installed a week before this photo was taken. You can see just below the second battery from bottom a green patch of corrosion where acid leaked from the (new) battery.






A closeup of the corrosion which resulted from the leaking acid. The battery was replaced by the dealer a few days after this photo was taken. 





The staff at the Bundeberg Port Marina - Geoff and Kimberly. The marina was one of the friendliest and best run of any I have ever seen and these two are the reason why. 





Jonah and Anthony playing in Jonah's room at the apartment.







Jonah displaying one of the many exciting vehicles he has created with Lego. 






The living room at the apartment. Dad slumps after a hard day working on the boat while Jonah plays.






The stern and rudder after blister repair. The white patches are primer. 






Keel showing blisters filled, sanded and primed for painting. 






The centerboard was removed to repair some damaged fiberglass inside the trunk (recessed slot where board fits). This also allowed us to paint the board properly. The diagonal line shows old (original paint) on top and new paint applied 2 years ago in Mexico. We were unable to paint the entire boat in Mexico because the lift could not raise the boat high enough to fully lower the board. This time we were able to paint it completely.





The "Mystery Craters" is a site about a half hour from Bundaberg featuring these bizarre holes. The owner claims that scientists have been unable to determine how they formed. 





Jonah posing in front of the Mystery Craters.






Sign describing the Boolboonda Tunnel carved from solid rock.






Entrance to the rock tunnel. 







Inside the rock tunnel. It was at this point, standing outside the car taking this photo that I (Jordan) realized the cave was filled with bats!







Rock tunnel bats. Copy the full size photo to your computer and zoom in on it to see the detail. 






Cattle scene in Australia. Not sure exactly where but it was about 2 hours from Bundaberg. 






A lovely scene of cattle and old, rusting farm machinery. 






Scenic lookout in the hills West of Bundaberg (about 2 hours West).






Tomato farm in Bundaberg. Bundy is a farming community speacializing in sugar cane (a sugar refinery and rum distillery are located in Bundy). They also grow a huge number of Canteloupes (which they call Rock Melons). Melons at farm stands cost as little as 30cents each. In supermarkets up to $1 each.




Jonah waiting for sunset to begin Channukah. He is not very patient and is getting fed up with us telling him to wait. 






Jonah working on his new Lego set - Harry Potter's Hogwarth's Express train and Platform 9 3/4. 






Mom helps Jonah with the new Lego. 






Jonah goofing in his Alligator hat which we got at the Dutchess County Fair in upstate NY which we visited with his grandparents in Ausgust during our last visit to the USA.





Old Glory flying at the stern while underway.






View of the shore in the Great Sandy Strait (a narrow, shallow passage of water between the mainland and Fraser Island).






Another view in the Sandy Strait.






Kate manning the helm while transiting the strait.