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Photo Gallery - November 2001 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah, Tristan and Colin walking the trail to the village at Yanutha.





Another shot of the trail to the village. The boys had a blast on the hike.





The schoolhouse buildings on a plateau above the village.





Almost at the village! After crossing the plateau at the end of the trail, a long stairway at the edge leads down into the village.





Colin, Tristan and Jonah pose at the edge of the plateau overlooking the village. The Mbengga lagoon and the island of Mbengga can be seen in the background.




Our group at the top of the village - Kate at center, Mara (crew from the S/V Dragon Lady) at right. 





The skippah at Yanutha looking a bit shaggy.





The kids pose with a pair of locals we met lounging on the trail. 






Mara posing in front of the village. Mara was a Peace Corps volunteer in Apia, Samoa where "Dragn Lady" met her. She signed on as crew in SavuSavu for a few weeks of Fiji cruising. 




The village at Yanutha.






The beach on the lee side of Yanutha where the surf camp is located. 





Jonah playing with a water hose on the fuel dock at Musket Cove the day we left Fiji. 






The Malolo Cat ferry to Nandi.






The beach at the Musket Cove Resort and Marina.





A view of the dock at Musket Cove from shore.





The "$2.50 Bar" at Musket Cove. All drinks $2.50 all the time (that's about $1.10US).





Another shot of the pier and bar at Musket Cove.





The Queen Jane at the fuel dock topping up before heading for New Zealand.





Musket cove.






The "crew" relaxing in the cockpit before departure. 





The Plantation Island Resort, also in Musket Cove.





The beach at the Plantation Island Resort.






The schooner "Whales Tale", a day tripper based in Musket Cove passing us on our way out of the lagoon.





The crew saying goodbye to Musket Cove and Fiji.







Namotu Island at the pass to the Mamanutha Group reef.





A last look at Fiji receeding in the distance.






It didn't take long after arriving in New Zealand for Jonah to meet up with his old buddies from "Scafhoog" and "Skive" for a Macaroni and Cheese Party. From left are Victor, Hannah, Jonah and Emma.




Anetta Pederson of the Danish sailing vessel "Scafhogg".





Anders Pederson of S/V Scafhogg.






Anders reads a nap-time story to Jonah.






The "F" dock at the Opua Marina where we made landfall after our passage from Fiji.





The breakwater and "Q" dock at Opua Marina.





Local ducks at the Opua Marina.






The trimaran "Little Wing" (with owner/skipper Mark) berthed next door at Opua Marina.





The Queen Jane at the Opua Marina.






The ferry from Opua to Russel moored for the evening.





The skippah with his new, post-tropics, haircut.





The Second Mate (Jonah) with his new haircut.





Erika (from S/V Skive), Kate and Jonah on an outing to the historic town of Russel.





Jonah, Hannah (Erika's daughter) and Jonah in front of a really big tree, in Russel.





Ian of the S/V Skive.






An ornate grave at the cemetery in Russel.





The graveyard.






Jonah and Hannah practicing their funny faces. In the graveyard.