Photo Gallery - May 2004 

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Jonah rides on the skerf toy. We picked up this thing from a boat which is about to go on the market and they were selling everything cheap.





Not only does Jonah love it, but it is very popular with the local kids. Both at Aur (where these photos were taken) and later at Likiep (see May photos) crowds of kids line the beach shouting "Me, me, me!". I take them for rides and they love it, of course. What kid wouldn't!




And there we go! Not only is it great fun when pulled behind the dinghy, we leave it tethered to the stern of the Queen Jane when not in use and it makes a great lounge chair for mommy and daddy!





This is a path on the island of Tabal at Aur which leads to the airstrip.






This was taken at the airstrip before the weekly plane arrived. It comes every Saturday, though the arrival time is never known beforehand.





I don't think all of these people (mostly kids) actually had a reason to be here except for the fun of watching the plane. Jonah and I were there because I had asked a dive guide in Majuro to send me a new BC (scuba vest) as mine had developed a leak.





This is the "terminal building". The sign above the door reads "Welcome to Aur Atoll". We ended up waiting several hours for the plane to arrive.





Here we can see the plane landing. Whoo hoo! I think it is a Dornier and is one of two planes owned by AMI (Air Marshall Islands), the other being a Dash 8, a much larger aircraft.





The plane. Just powering up to taxi. Luggage extracted from the plane sits to the side waiting to be claimed (after the plane moves out of the way).  





A nice photo of the crowd of mostly kids watching the plane depart. 






Now that the plane is gone, the people are moving in to get their packages and baggage. We got our box. It had my new BC in it plus a load of veggies I had them send us also!





Jonah reading a Harry Potter book. 






Drying off after a swim.






Sarah, the school teacher at Tabal. Sarah had about 2 weeks left on her contract when we met her at Aur after which she was   heading back home to the states. Although there are many American teachers in the Marshalls, like Sarah, most teachers are Marshaleese. 





A group of kids pose for the camera at Tabal on Aur Atoll. 






A family we met at Tabal. 






A woman and her baby. This nice lady gave Jonah a drinking nut (coconut) when he was wondering about the village. When he came home he told us he wanted to give her his old baby blanket as a gift. Later Kate took him into the village and found the woman and gave her the blanket, which he gratefully accepted. 






Lounging behind the boat on the skerf raft.






Another shot of dad and Jonah getting cozy on the raft. 






Kate's turn for the raft. 






Having just arrived at the boat, Jonah is prompting the captain to move a bit closer so he can tie us up (which is his job).





Jonah ties us off. 






Jonah and Kate playing cards in the cockpit. Ever since mom and dad started playing cards regularly (about a year ago) Jonah has been learning to play and can now manage a decent hand of gin-rummy.





The commander looking relaxed after being beaten by the boy. 







Jonah reading more Harry Potter.






A nice view of some of the islets around the Aur lagoon. This photo was taken early in the morning as we were heading towards the pass the day we left Aur. 





Jordan doing email at the nav desk.







Dolphins ahoy! Jonah on the bowsprit looking at dolphins!







A pair of dolphins. As we were heading out of the lagoon at Aur, a school of them swam with us for a while. This was the only decent picture we got (it's very hard to photograph dolphins since they are so fast). 





Kate watching the dolphins.







One final look at the lagoon of Aur Atoll as we depart. 







Our first day at Likiep. The anchorage at Likiep Island (the main island in the Likiep lagoon) was wonderful. Very well protected and calm.






Kate looking happy after our arrival at Likiep. 







Jonah poses in the courtyard of Joe deBrums guesthouse on Likiep. The guesthouse, which is like a motel on the beach, is very well kept and popular with people from Majuro who visit for a week's vacation when Majuro gets a bit much. Likiep is one of the only atolls in the Marshalls with any decent guest facilities (not counting Majuro). 




A view of Joe's place from the front. Joe has quite a large collection of Japanese glass floats arranged in front of his place. 






Jonah poses on the beach at Likiep.






A chicken coop at Likiep.







One of Jonah's favorite activities at Likiep was swinging on the rope from this tree. 






The first in a series of fabulous sunset photos taken at Likiep. 






This one is our favorite.






This one is also incredible and has more pinks in it then oranges.






Jonah with the sunset behind him. 






Jonah and his mom pose at sunset.






This is the first photo in a series showing bagels being made on the Queen Jane. The chief cook (who is also the skipper) made these for the first time while at Likiep. 





Common bagels are also called "waterbBagels" because they are boiled before being baked. Bagels which are not boiled are sometimes called "egg bagels" and use eggs in their dough (which are not used in water bagels).





After boiling, these bagels have their toppings in place and are about to go into the oven. These bagels are topped with sesamae seeds and poppy seeds.





Bagels ready for eating. While this was the skipper's first attempt at making bagels he is not completely without experience in this enterprise. As a youth (age 15) Jordan worked in a bagel store which baked their own bagels, of course. Although he did not make the dough or form the bagels, he was responsible for boiling, topping and baking the bagels as part of his job.