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Photo Gallery - May 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Kate posing for the camera, looking happy and serene. (photo by Jonah)






Jonah backlit in the main companionway.






View of Suva Harbor from the yacht anchorage.






Barge moored in the harbor.






Kate down in the fuel locker (aka "The Hole") checking the transmission fluid level.






Jonah bailing the dinghy of rainwater from the previous night (it rains a lot in Suva).






Attaboy Jonah! Keep up the good work. Of course he gave up with about  half the water still in it.






Another shot of Suva Harbor from the anchorage.






In the dinghy going to shore. Jonah is acting shy.






Waterfront view of the Royal Suva Yacht Club. The grounds at the yacht club were very neat and well maintained. The bar and restaurant (which was under renovation while we were there and opened 2 days before we left) was lovely. They even had a nice playground for the kids.




View of the front of the yacht club as seen from the road.






Waiting for a taxi across the street from the Yacht Club. We are standing just in front of the prison guard dormatories. The prison is just next door (the colorful wall with barb wire).





Suva Prison from in front of the yacht club.






Suva Prison from directly across the street (notice the open door with gaurd). 






Downtown Suva. The ride from the yacht club is about 10 minutes and cost F$2 (ababout 80 cents US). 






Old town hall building now houses 2 restaurants (one Chinese serving bad Dim Sum  and one Indian which was excellent) and the Fiji office of Greenpeace. 





The South Pacific Games headquarters building. Suva is apparently the headquarters of this organization which is the equivilent of  the International Olympic Committee for the SP Games. 






The dock at the RSYC. This shows the space where Queen Jane was tied up for 2 weeks while undergoing transmission repairs (part I).





View of the dock heading towards shore. The yacht club is seen in the distance. Jonah is standing right where the inner dock and the outer dock (which are of two different types of construction) meet.





The Queen Jane tied up to the dock at the RSYC.






Jonah posing in front of the Fiji Museum in Suva, Fiji.







Jonah stops to smell the flowers. 






Jonah playing at the beach. We rented a car for a day and drove the south coast of Viti Levu (Fiji's main island) making several stops. 





A lovely Coral Coast beach. This section of the coast is so-called because the coral comes right up to the shore for its entire length. Not a great swimming beach, but very pretty.






Jona hopping over some large rocks at the beach.






Some of the scenery we saw driving along the coast. 






A trimiran next to us at the yacht club had only this outdoor toilet seat for a head. Outdoor plumbing at its best! Just watch out for jumping fish! 





Jonah and Quintin (from S/V Boreal) playing in the yacht club playground.






Picnic area at the yacht club. The bar and restaurant are in the building to the left, the dock is to the right. The fuel dock is straigt ahead.





The playground.






Paul and Cecille from the French catemeran ""Boreal". 





Boreal comes alongside in their dinghy to pick up Jonah for a play date on their boat. 






Boreal dinghy with Jonah.






Leaving Suva Harbor, the reef entrance breaks at the outer marker. A surfercan be seen in the foreground to the right of the marker waiting for a wave. Can you say "Hawaii Five-O"?





The other side of the pass. Not quite so impressive, but still a boat killer.






Kate and Jonah snuggling in the cockpit.







The beautiful paradise which is the island of Yanutha in the Mbengga Lagoon. It was while on our way to Yanutha after leaving Suva that our transmission broke down for the second time. This time, however, it was not simple leaking fluid. This time it was dead. We towed the QJ to anchor using our dinghy. Fortunately we were inside the lagoon when it died and it was flat calm.




Another shot of Yanutha.






Boreal arrives at Yanutha late in the day just after the clouds rolled in for the evening.