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Photo Gallery - May 2001 

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

The S/V Pez Vela with Marcus and Chris aboard - our dive buddies and fishing buddies extraordinaire!





Approaching the island of Ua Pou. The spires and other natural formations are typical of the scenery of this magnificent island! 





The Baie d'Hakahetau on Ua Pou. We spent several days here scuba diving and exploring the island.





Jonah examining the contents of  bucket of fresh water shrimp caught by a pair of local kids at Taipivai in Nuka Hiva.





One of the boys holds out a shrimp for Jonah to look at.





Kate reading a book to Jonah.







Jonah perched on a stone figure in Taipivai.






The church at Taipivai village. Just completed last year.





The beach at the head of Taipai bay. This very same beach was the scene of Herman Melville's escape from the clutches of the Taipai with whom he had been a guest for several weeks in the mid 1800s.





Jonah and his friend Victor playing with toys aboard the Queen Jane. .





Another shot of Jonah and Victor playing.






Victor's mom Claire from the S/V Calyptus.






Victor's dad Raoul being attacked by Jonah.






A view of the shoreline of Taiohae Bay (the main port on Nuku Hiva) asseen from the boat. The large white building is the school where Claire from Calyptus teaches.





A view of Taiohae Bay from a scenic lookout on the road leading to Hatiu.





A large bunch of bananas hangs from the mizzen boom of the Queen Jane.





Our group on a tour of the island posing for a photo. From left: William and Claire from Attitude of London, Jordan with Jonah on top, Hannah from Attitude, Markus and Chris from Pez Vela. Andy, our guide, squats in front.




Twin waterfalls on Nuku Hiva as seen from the road to Hatiu.







Jordan, Markus and Jonah posing at a scenic lookout on Nuku Hiva.





A view of the bay and village at Hatiu from the road above the bay.





The pinnacles above the village of Hatiu. On one of the pinnacles sits a white statue of the Virgin Mary. A helicopter can be seen to the left flying over.





A stone platform at the first PaePae we visited on our tour of Nuku Hiva. Jonah, Hannah (from Attitude) and Jordan can be seen walking along the edge. 





A large meeting area (field) at the first PaePae we visited. This site is reportedly maintained and is in excellent condition. 





Jonah posing next to a large stone Tiki at the first PaePae. Although the date this Tiki was created is not known to us, many of the PaePaes date to the time of the earliest inhabitants of the Marquesas and may be as old as the 12th century. 





Jonah is fascinated by puppies and here finds a new friend in the village of Hatiu where we stopped for lunch during our tour of Nuku Huva.





Jonah and William (from Attitude) playing on a swing in the village of Hatiu.





The biggest living tree I have ever seen! The Banyan tree was sacred to the Marquesans and legend has it they even buried their dead (VIPs only) within the roots of the tree! In this photo Markus can be seen "hugging" this massive example.





The second PaePae we visited, right next to the village of Hatiu, contained stone walkways and meeting huts amidst the forest.





TExploring the second PaePae (ritual meeting ground) Jonah can be seen leading the way. Claire and Hannah from Attitude are following with Jordan bringing up the rear.





A marvelous wooden tiki at the second PaePae. To the left is the roof of a meeting house which has been maintained as it once was centuries ago.





Jonah posing with the crown he and his mom made. Hail King Jonah!






King Jonah and Queen Kate sporting their new crowns.





Jonah fishing off the boat at anchor in Nuku Hiva.






Another shot of the little boy fishing.






Attitude of London anchored next to us at Anaho Bay on Nuku Hiva.





Hannah and William (at the helm) of their dinghy on the way over to the Queen Jane to play with Jonah. Despite age differences that would seem daunting at home, cruising kids of all ages manage to find common ground.




Our good buddy Markus from Pez Vela aboard the Queen Jane.





Our dive compressor - the newest piece of equipment aboard the Queen Jane!





The mountain overlooking Anaho Bay on Nuku Hiva, our last stop in the Marquesas before heading for the Tuomotu Arhipilego.






Jonah poses with a collage he made in Arts and Crafts at School (with his mom's help).






Entering the lagoon at Makemo Atoll.The daymark shows the extent of the reef in the pass.





Approaching the anchorage at the Village of Pouheva on Makemo Atoll, our first stop on Makemo and in the Tuomotus!





A view of a palm tree studded shore near the village at Makemo.





A beautiful photo of the lagoon at Makemo.






The village of Pouheva on Makeo Atoll.






One final shot of Makemo from our anchorage at the village.