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Photo Gallery - March 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Emma, Victor and Jonah in the car's backseat.






Jonah and Victor playing in the surf on the beach at Mount Maunganui.





Emma on the beach.







Jonah with his boogieboard.






Jonah buried in the sand having big fn.






Jonah with Victor on Scafhogg's deck playing gameboy.





One of Jonah's many artworks he produced at school.





Another example of Jonah's artwork.







An example of a "Box Model" made by Jonah at school.





Kate and Jonah having a snugglefest on the floor of the apartment we lived in at Mount Maunganui.






Bridget (Loafer), Anetta (Scafhogg) and Kate at the Astrolabe Restaurant for Jordan's 39th birthday.





Anders (Scafhogg), Jordan and Brian (Loafer) enjoying an evening out without kids for Jordan's 39th birthday.





View of the ocean from the base of Mount Maunganui.





Kate at the base of Mount Maunganui before our ascent.





Jonah, Emma and Victor having a snack at the top of Mount Maunganui.





View of the town from the top of Mount Maunganui.






View from the other side of the mount during the descent.





Jordan rests on the way down while the kids run off down a hill chasing something.





Jonah and Victor playing with sticks on the Mount hike.





Kate sanding and varnishing our new flagpole (our last one was lost at sea).






Steve Wizzo's marine painting van. Steve is the most popular and well-respected boat painter in Tauranga. The respect is well deserved.





Wizzo on the foredeck prepping before spraying.







The foredeck being masked just before painting.






The foredeck just after being shot with white paint.






The S/V Saeirse on the hard next door to Queen Jane. We first met Gavin and Saeirse in the Marquesas Islands at Nuku Hiva. We spent more time diving with Gavin and his crew at Makemo in the Tuomotus as well.




The Mount Maunganui Primary School where Jonah attended class for a semester while we lived in an apartment nearby.





Jonah at school playing with some friends in his class.





Jonah with another friend at school.






Jonah's teacher Mrs. Alott.






Jonah the Pirate. Arghhh matey!






Gap mouth Jonah showing his smile after losing his first baby tooth.





The Queen Jane sporting her new bowsprit. All the repairs stemming from the accident in December have been repaired and the boat is back in the water! All we need now is our new bow pulpit (railings) which will be installed very soon!




A shot of the Queen Jane from the dock. Looks as good as new.





The Queen Jane's foredeck. All better now (see December photo gallery for te "before" photos).





Bow hardware on the Queen Jane all had to be removed and re-installed after repairs. We took the opportunity to shine everything up before putting it all back. Only the 2 inner "chafe plates" are new.





The S/V Renegade (our next door neighbor) with Paul and Natalie aboard. Renegade hails from Pennsylvania. We first met Paul and Natalie in Nuku Hiva back in May of last year. We saw them again many times last season at a variety of islands.




Natalie of Renegade polishing something or other.






Just on the other side of Renegade is our neighbor Fred, skipper of Aldeberan, another American yacht in Tauranga.