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Photo Gallery - March 2001 

Second Half!

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

The family getting ready to go out to dinner for Dad's birthday.




The Queen Jane tied up at her slip in Marina Vallarta.




The S/V DeSiderata sailed singlehanded by Chris who we met first in San Diego where he was the next boat over. Here in PV he is the boat across from us!  




Our neigbor and new friends Kaien with Campbell and Nicki and their three kids aboard.




The captain celebrating his birthday at the Italian restaurant Porto Bello in Marina Vallarta.





Kate mugs with our friend and guest from Seattle Paul St. Pierre at the Captain's birthday dinner.




One more of Kate cause she's so cute! 




Jonah enjoying his dinner at the big birthday bash.




The new dorade box cover made by friend Mark from LA - the new dorade was delivered to our friends Brad and Adrien who delivered it to us in PV. Here it is being fitted with a deck ring which will house a cowl vent.



Kate playing with Adrien's new baby girl Saffron (no, we won't be having another)..




Paul up on the bow enjoying a nice breeze while sailing in the bay.





Adrien gets her first try at the wheel while brad examines his toenails.




Jonah teaching brad how to work the computer.





Adrien with her darling new baby girl Saffron playing in the Saloon with the lee cloth up.




Jonah looking cute with a new haircut. Very short to make Mom's life easy.




Paul and Jonah having a sword fight.





Jonah's picture of his parents.





Jonah on Kaien. He loves to run over and visit his friend, Matt.




Chris working on his bowsprit.




The Dingy, Box of Rain, and its new engine.