Photo Gallery - June 2004 

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Sunset at Likiep Atoll in the Marshall Islands.






The beach front at Likiep Island, the main village at Likiep Atoll. This atoll is one of the most prosperous of the four atolls we have visited so far, not counting Majuro.






The anchorage at Likiep with the Queen Jane in the background.







Joe deBrum's "Likiep Plantation Haus". One of only two places to stay in the outer islands, Joe's place is very popular and is very affordable. Joe has 2 huge diesel generators and a dining room with a very modern kitchen. He and his wife are lovely people and Joe is full of great stories and a pleasure to talk to. 





Another view of Joe's place. Joe also has a boat which he uses for a variety of purposes including taking divers out to the wonderful reefs of Likiep. 






The Catholic Church on Likiep island.








Jonah climbing a tree at Likiep. 






Jonah found a guy on the beach (Jiimmy Capelle) who raises and releases sea turtles. This photo shows one tank on the left with 30 or 40 baby turtles which were only 3 or 4 days old. The tank on the right has 3 or 4 medium sized turtles. 





a close up of another tank with 6 or 7 medium sized turtles. Although we could not find any book we had onboard with the proper identification, Jimmy says they are Loggerheads.





Jonah went to visit the turtles almost every day we were at Likiep. Here is gently holding one of the babies. 






Here Kate holds one of the babies. 







Another view of the beachfront at Likiep.






Visiting one of the many little uninhabited islets in the Likiep lagoon was a favorite was to spend a few hours for us. Here the dinghy sits on a lovely beach about 3 miles from Likiep island. 





This is the skipper's preferred activity on the beach, sitting in the shade with a book. 






This is the view from the above shown beach chair.






It's Pizza Night on the Queen Jane! The chef has gotten pretty good at making pizza. Here we see a pepperoni, onion and green pepper masterpiece being made.





The pizza is ready. Mmmm does it look good!






Jonah looks so sad about tonight's dinner. He hates pizza, NOT!






Kate getting ready to go diving in her hot pink suit.







Kate and Jonah in the dinghy about to leave for a dive. Jonah waits on the Queen Jane while we are gone and reads a book or watches a video. 





We spotted this beauty while walking on the beach one day. It is tied to a tree ashore with a rope through a hole in its shell. It is destined for the stew pot.





This poor animal is going to be eaten first however. Shortly after this photo was take, this turtle was butchered for meat. While people we met like Jimmy who raises baby turtles seem to be doing a good job keeping the turtles around, the people of Likiep (and all of the Marshall Islands) also eat turtle.





Unlike turtles, Tuna (like these) are not a distressed or endangered species. The captain caught two of these tuna (including the big boy at center) with Allen Capelle and his friend Anthony one evening.





While it does not look very large, this Yellowfin Tuna (Ahe in Japanese) weighs somewhere in the 80lb range. They are not very long but they are very wide and heavy.





Allen Capelle, who is a member of the island council, also is the acting mayor while the mayor (his Uncle James) is off island on Majuro (which seems to be most of the time). Allen was a gracious host and spent many hours chatting with us about subjects ranging from fishing and weather to US politics (Allen listens to NPR daily which is broadcast from the US missile testing facility at Kwajalein Atoll, about 120 miles away).




Jordan butchers the big tuna, taking only the meaty fillets and leaving the head and carcass for Allen and his friend (which they value highly). He gave them the other tuna he caught, a small 35 pounder. Allen caught the other 35 pounder also seen in this photo. The meat from this Tuna fed us for 2 weeks. !




Jonah talks to a boy on a bicycle on the road to the airstrip. The Saturday plane is a big event on Likiep with a large part of the village showing up just to watch.





Waiting for the plane. The schedule is a bit loose. The truck in the background is the village owned vehicle, cared for by Allen and the Mayor. There are 3 or 4 trucks on the island and a handful of motor scooters.





Kids play while waiting for the plane.






The plane landing at the strip on Likiep island.







After landing, the plane "taxis" to the "terminal".







One of two planes owned by Air Marshall Islands, the Dash 8 is the larger of the two. It makes the run from Majuro to Wojte, to Likiep then to Kwajalein, then back making the same stops at Likiep then Wojte to Majuro.





Kate chats with Joe deBrum. Joe is the oldest man on Likiep at 74 years old. Joe's grandfather (along with Adolph Capelle) purchased Likiep from the Iroij (chief) back in the late 1800s. deBrum was Portuguese and Capelle German. They each took a Marshallese wife and the island is populated with their descendants. Many deBrums and Capelles live on Majuro and on Kwajalein as well as a large contingent in Oakland, California.






Here the plane loads and unloads baggage.







The plane taking off. The nose wheel is already off the ground.







Bye till next week.







Jonah and Kate made this little sailboat out of 2 aluminum cans after seeing some boys in the village playing with them.






Jonah tests out his new boat christened "Speedy Boy".






Kate with Algeria, a woman we met who makes handicrafts like the lovely woven purse/basket Kate is holding.






Algeria's husband, Mike, and his grandson. They were both very kind to us and gave us each a lovely shell necklace as parting gifts.







Jonah working hard at school. Jonah is doing great in the third grade. As of the end of June Jonah has begun his summer  vacation which will last till we return from our visit to the US at the end of August.





After sailing back to Majuro we anchored for the night at Anemwanot, an islet about 5 miles from the town. This photo was taken just after sunrise. We were both glad to be back in Majuro but sad to have left Likiep.