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Photo Gallery - June 2003 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.



Jonah sleeping on the passage to Iles des Pins.







The final leg on the trip to Iles des Pins. It was on the nose the first 25 miles. The last 5 we were on a lovely beam reach as shown here.





The beach at Kuto on Iles des Pins, New Caledonia. Called the "Jewel of New Caledonia" Iles des Pins is all that and more.






Sunset our first night anchored at Kuto.






Another shot of the beach at Kuto, though technically the bay next door.






Cool rock overhang.






Interesting trees just inshore from the beach at Kuto.






The long, sweeping beach at Kuto under gray clouds.






Jonah walking on the same beach the next day.







Jonah hooks a Remora. At Kuto we had the constant company of a squadron of Remora. They would bite anything on a hook and we caught 2 or 3 with bread balls. 






The Noumea to Iles des Pins ferry at the pier at Kuto. She makes the 40 mile from to Noumea in less then 2 hours. Similar ferries connect Noumea with Lifou, Mare and Ouvea of the Loyalty Islands.





The anchorage deep at the head of Baie du Prony where we waited for the all-clear as cyclone Gina threatened New Caledonia. This photo and the next were taken by Kate.





Two of the half dozen or so boats in the same arm of the bay as us. 






Jonah and dad reading in bed. Notice the warm clothing we are wearing in New Caledonia. 






While transiting the Woodin Channel heading back to Noumea we passed this container ship in the narrowest part of the channel. We were moving with the current and making 9.5k. The freighter must have been doing 15k. 





Unfortunately after this photo the batteries on the camera died, so you will not get to see the close-up shot as it passed us within 75ft or so





Moonset at dawn over the entrance to Port Moselle in Noumea. The boat in the foreground is leaving the harbor. 






Jonah's new favorite game is to swing from the boson's chair. he was influenced heavily by Jasper from S/V Danza, our next door neighbor at Mooloolaba. Jonah just squeals with delight as he swings from the halyard.






A close-up of Jonah hanging in the chair.






View of the harbor from the Queen Jane at anchor in Port Moselle, Noumea.






Another view of the harbor from the Queen Jane.






The memorial to US servicemen who served in New Caledonia during World War II. Noumea, New Caledonia was the premier  US Naval base in the South Pacific during the war. 





This memorial was constructed in 1992 and consists of a central earth shaped dome with continents outlined with a US flag in the back in sections visible from all angles.





The Plaque reads "In honor of the US forces who by their presence during the pacific war from March 1942 to February 1946 insured the freedom of New Caledonia. Her people are deeply grateful."





A cruise ship ("Pacific Sky") departing Noumea. Although difficult to see in this photo, the tug on its port bow is actually being pulled by the ship stern first! 





Kate relaxing in the cockpit reading a good book (again, notice the warm clothing). Although there were several beautiful sunny days in New Caledonia the temperature was far too cold for the type of activities we enjoy. 





Motorsailing through the Southern Lagoon on our way to Havannah Passage and points North.






Passing the Bonne Anse Reef Light on our way to Havannah Passage. Bonne Anse Reef sits at the mouth of Baie du Prony. Strangely, on this morning as we were leaving New Caledonia we saw Prony for the first time without a sheath of clouds and rain. Many cruisers had taken to calling it Baie de Rainy, though you wouldn't know it from this picture.






With Grande Terre receding in the distance the sun sets on the  first night of our passage to Tanna in Vanuatu. 






At daybreak on the second day the coast of Tanna is green and lush, the weather is noticeably warmer and the sky remains clear and sunny.





As we approach the NE tip of Tanna we prepare to turn toward the point to enter Port Resolution bay after a gentle 48 hour passage.






The point (Yewao) at the entrance to Port Resolution. You can easily see the breakers on the reef which surrounds the point.






Entering Port Resolution several boats can be seen lying blissfully at anchor. 






The anchorage at Port Resolution, Tanna.






View from the cockpit of Queen Jane anchored at Port Resolution, Tanna.