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Photo Gallery - June 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Kate looking pensive as we watch Jonah kneeboarding at Yanutha.






Jonah kneeboarding at Yanutha. Paul from "Boreal" is pulling him with his dinghy while we watch.





The entrance channel to Vunda Pt. Marina. On the left at back you can just make out the "Yacht Club" restaurant almost overhanging the entrance.





The Queen Jane bow-to at Vunda Pt. 







The S/V Ion (eye-on) at Vunda Pt. We first met Ion last year at Pago Pago. Both Wayne and Sally are former schoolteachers from Sarasota, Florida.





The S/V Ali'i Nui (Hawaiian for Big Island) at Vunda Pt. Marina. Jeff is a former army doctor and all around nice guy.






View of the seating area at The Hatch a coffe shop and eatery at the marina.    






The Hatch at Vunda Pt. Marina.






The S/V Mollie from Auckland, New Zealand. Mollie is named after Ken and Louise's daughter, Mollie, age 6. Jonah and Mollie played together a lot, especially at the pool.





A broken down ferro-cement bogus replica of a viking ship, this rusting, rotting hulk was a big hit with Jonah at the marina. It was formerly a day-charter boat but has been sitting at the marina for years untouched.




Yacht Help/Pacific Marine headquarters. Anything you need they can either get it for you or help you find it. Pacific Marine does paintjobs, bottom jobs, woodwork, etc. YachtHelp also can help with paperwork, visas, immigration, etc.




Dad putting Jonah's bike together. Since we had to spend so much time at Vunda we assembled the bicycle early and Jonah rode it a lot. He had a bicycling partner and mentor, Camille from "Casaneauve" who is 7.




The back entrance to First Landing Resort next door to the marina. Yachties were treated like guests at the marina, we just happen to sleep in our boats instead of one of their rooms. We spent a lot of time at the pool and at the restaurant (mon and fri half price pizza night).




The resort was lovely, the grounds well kept. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff very friendly. They had just finished building 8 new units, air conditioned, some with jacquzzis, etc. and were working on another 4 with plans for a dozen more!  Someone must be coming here. No real beach though.




Jonah, dad and Mollie playing in the pool.  






Another pool shot.






Kate at left with Bebe and Ron from "Hannah" (formerly of Texas). On many days yachtie were the only people at the pool. It was rarely crowded.





Basile from S/V Perlianne a French boat. We met them in Suva in May, but Jonah and I  met Basile's bother and mother last year in Wallis (see Jordan's Journal entry Oct. 1, 2001).





Martin from "Perlianne", Basile's brother. Martin was about 8 and spoke English very well. They spent a year in New Zealand and he spoke with a Kiwi accent.





Basile plays while Jonah lies on his sick bed. He was sick for 3 or 4 days and his friends wanted to come play.





Jonah trying on his new noseclip.






Jonah eating an ice cream on the street in Lautoka.






At the market in Lautoka.






Mom reads to the boy from Harry Potter. He is really excited about seeing the movie now!






Camille (from S/V Casaneuve) and Jonah mugging for the camera.






Jonah with two cookies in the cockpit.






The island of Yanuya in the Mamanutha group. We passed by but decided the anchorage was a bit too rolly with the swell a bit heavy that day.





The island of Vanua Levu with the island of Nevadra out of sight to the left. Ahead is the anchorage known locally as Nevadra. We spent 3 lovely days here before we realized our transmission was still not working right.