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Photo Gallery - July 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Another taste of paradise in the Louisiade Archipelego.








One of three little islets at the anchorage at Bobo Eina Island in the Louisiades.








An eagle with meal in talons coming in to land in its nest.








The dinghy is anchored just off the steep-to beach while Jonah and Kate explore the little islands.








The Queen Jane anchored off Bobo Eina Island.








Jonah showing off his Lego battering ram vehicle.








Talk about paradise - it doesn't get any better then this. Anchored in 15ft of clear blue water off a deserted, sandy beach, great snorkeling and tons of fish.








Looking South from the anchorage at the Duchateau Islands (the one furthest West - there are three of them). This anchorage makes a perfect 'jumping off" point for passage to Australia. It is only 500 miles to Cairns, Australia from this spot.






Another view of the water between the QJ and the beach. The dark patches visible in the photo are patches of coral heads or "bommies" as they are known in the Pacific.








Jonah playing in the shallows. This is one of the best swimming beaches in the Louisiades (based on what we saw) and efinately the nicest we've seen since the Marshall Islands. 







The wide expanse of deep, powdery sand is almost too deep to walk in.








Kate on the beach (self-portrait).








LAND HO! After 3 days we finally had Australia in sight. In fact, we had 8 hours to go to reach the harbor of Cairns.








As we approached closer to land we began to see evidence of life, like this ship on its way to sea.







Next, just at sunset while we were eating dinner in the cockpit (pasta) we spotted this submarine heading for sea.








Since the water inside the Great Barrier Reef is between 25-90ft deep, I suspect the sub cannot submerge till it gets to sea. Only the second time we have seen a submarine (both times they were  leaving port - the other was November, 01 in San Diego).






Downtown Cairns from the anchorage. We arrived off the city at about 8pm the night before and anchored among the other sailing boats.







The Pier complex including the hotel. The marina is just in front of the hotel (sailboat masts can be seen to the left).








The small boat anchorage sits just off the marina complex at the mouth of the Trinity River.








About to enter the marina, we spotted the mega-super-yacht "White Rabbit" moored to the outside wall.








One of the many tour boats which operate out of Cairns. They leave in the morning at about 8:30am and spend the day on the Great Barrier Reef returning in the late afternoon at about 5pm.








One of the smaller but faster tour boats. Time to the reef from Cairns could be from 1 to 3 hours depending on how fast the boat goes and where on the reef you are heading. 








The entrance to the marina basin is through the gap in the cement breakwaters.








Waiting for us as we enter the gap is Australian Customs. They were on the dock as we tied up the lines.








One of several sailing cats which operate as tour boats. You can really see how they pack them in.








Guro, at right, and her son Hakon. They are from Norway and are on the S/V "Marialena".








Kate and Guro.








Once again, at center, the "White Rabbit" though this time tied up on the inner wall. At right and left are two other slightly-less-super-then-"White Rabbit" super-yachts.







Steinar, Guro's husband, relaxes in the saloon before dinner. We had speghetti and Meatballs.








Jonah demonstrating various computer games to the two kids from "Marialena".








Katie wearing her sweater (or "jumper" as they say here in Australia) on the way to the boatyard for haulout.








The big 160ton lift at Norship Marine. Note the large vessel at the left of the photo - an Australian Customs ship which was lifted by this monster.








The Queen Jane up in the air again.








The Customs boat again, from our position on the hardstand for the next few weeks.








The English sailing vessel "Cosmic Girl" getting a paint job for her bottom. Matt is sailing around the world the "wrong"  way (ie. West to East) and is heading for Hawaii via Fiji and Tahiti. Good luck Matt!