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Photo Gallery - July 2004 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Weigh in at the Uliga Dock (the big wharf in town) for the All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament. This tourney draws fishers from all over Micronesia and beyond. Teams come from FSM, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Palau, and others. 





Weighing in. Boats come alongside the floating dock and a crane hoists the fish from the boats. Contestants all use local boats. They range from little runabouts with a single outboard to 30 footer with big diesel engines. 






The winner of the contest was the Palau team with a 427lb Marlin. 







A few days after the fishing tournament the crew set sail (via jet plane) for the U.S.A. Here you see us just after arriving in New York City with Jordan's mother and his sister's baby girl, Julia.






Jonah, Cole and Aunt Debbie. Cole is Debbie's oldest child (and Julia's older brother). Debbie is helping the kids put together some puzzles. 





Kate reads to her neice.






Jordan's mom with her three grandkids - Julia, Cole  and Jonah.







After a brief stay in the city we hightailed it out to Jordan's mom's place in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. Here is the backyard of Rita and Harvey's house in Otis, Mass.





Next we made a brief foray up to Vermont to visit Kate's Sister Tita in White River Junction. Tita and her husband Bruce have 2 boys, Galen and Torin. In this photo Jonah poses with Torin and Tita.






Tita in her very Vermont kitchen. Our galley would fit in her walk-in pantry.






Tita and Kate fetch herbs from the garden for lunch.






Tita's house has a great porch off the back which sits high above the sloping landscape.






Kate poses with her sister for a close up.






Jonah and Tita playing Game Boy together (separately).





Here is Jonah all ready for his first day at camp! Going to day camp was Rita's idea and one of the main reasons we came to the US. Of course, Jonah loved it. In the picture he is holding a sleeping bag - although it is day camp, they have a Thursday night sleepover so the kids can get a taste of what sleepaway camp is like.






Of course, mom is all emotional about Jonah's first day at camp. She was almost as excited about camp as Jonah was!






Wild turkeys in Otis. Not the best photo, but the larger version is quite clear.





Jonah plays Battleship with Uncle Steven (Rita's sister's husband who stopped by to visit with Jordan's cousin Jeremy, Steven's son). Steven had not seen Jonah since he was 2 years old and (of course) 





Jonah and Kate make a castle of cardboard blocks in the basement.







And then Jonah made a tower of blocks!







Kate and her mom, Irene, attack Jonah on the couch! Jonah says he doesn't like being tickled. We know better.





Three generations of Bigel men. Jon, Jonah, Danny and Jordan. .





Barbara watching Jonah eating. We met at a restaurant in Great Barrington, Massachusettes in late July for a fabulous dinner.






At camp Jonah learned Archery. Here he is posing in front of the target with three arrows he shot. 






Julia and Debbie (Jordan's sister). Julia is performing for her father Al (who is off-camera). TOUCHDOWN! 





The pool at Rita and Harvey's house in Otis.






Kate and her mom in the pool at the Otis house.






Jonah and Gammy in the pool.






Danny, Jordan's brother, relaxes at poolside reading the paper.






Danny and Jonah rough-housing in the pool.






Little Julia looking cute for the camera.







Nap time for Julia. Aunt Kate does the honors.