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Photo Gallery - July 2003 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.



The public market in Port Vila, Vanuatu.






Another view of the market. The market is open 24 hours a day and offers fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) as well as handicrafts including everything from shell necklaces, wood carvings and coconut bras to realistic models of traditional sailing craft.




The main drag in Port Vila. Though highly oriented to the tourist trade, almost everything you need  can be found here. There are several banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., etc. as well as a booming industry selling pirated music CDs, DVDs and computer software. 




Another view of the main street (Lini Hwy) in Port Vila. 






This end of the street includes the other bank, the MOBIL station and several very nice cafes and bars. 






The steps going up to the second floor in the building to the right lead to the Department of Immigration. Cruising sailors in Vanuatu are required to visit Immigration monthly to extend visitors visas which are normally issued only for periods of 30 days.






The fuel dock is run by 'Yachting World' a service organization which offers help to cruisers in a variety of ways. They manage and rent about 3 dozen permanent moorings spread out in the bay as are the people to go to when you need to find some odd part or service. They also serve as a mail drop for incoming packages.




The dinghy dock is part of the Waterfront Bar and Grill, a local eating establishment that specializes in making cruisers welcome. They also offer stern-to moorage for boats wishing to tie up to the wall rather then anchor out or use a mooring.





One of the local cafe's, run by a European, offers trendy meals as well as stocking a variety of upscale imported goods at incredibly high prices. A dangerous place to be if you are on a budget.





The most popular anchorage in Port Vila is located just off Iririki Island from where this photo was taken. The island is home to the Iririki Resort and is just a few hundred yards from the town.





A French cruiser entering Vila Bay as we were leaving (on our way to Havannah Harbor just a few miles away).






View from the Queen Jane taken in Havannah Harbor. This very large bay is formed between the mainland and two large islands which form a protective barrier making its water's calm and welcoming. This was the spot where US Naval forces gathered during the weeks before the famed Battle of the Coral Sea. The Coral Sea is situated between Australia and Vanuatu about 500 miles to the West.




Jonah reading in the salon.






While we were in Havannah Harbor our aft head (toilet) pump failed. Here we see the captain working to replace the failed pump with a broken spare. In the end we had to send to New Zealand for a replacement pump.





On our way to New York to visit family, Jonah and I waited in the airport at Nadi, Fiji for our connecting flight to Los Angeles.






Finally in New York, Jonah mugs for the camera in Gammy's apartment (Gammy is Jordan's mother, Jonah's grandmother).







Gammy and Julia, Jordan's sister's (Debbie) daughter. Gammy is keeping Julia busy while the rest of us bowl. Why are we bowling? Well, we're not sure, but Jonah and Cole (Debbie's son) are loving it and that's reason enough! 






Jonah watching his ball progress down the lane. This alley features kid-safe "gutter guards" which prevent the ball from going in the gutter. Without this feature almost every ball Jonah rolled would have been a gutter ball.






Cole watching Jonah bowl. Though a bit young to bowl himself, with an adult lending a hand Cole had a great time.







Debbie takes her turn. What form! What style! Good thing she has a day job! 







Al, Debbie's husband, who claimed the night before he would be lucky to bowl a 70, shows us right from the get go his true skill. Still a lawyer no matter how you dress him up...






Jonah eating his breakfast of frozen waffles. Not a staple on the Queen Jane, Jonah came to crave waffles on this trip and was not disappointed.







One of the highlights for Jonah was visiting the many playgrounds of Central Park. He spent hours there climbing, running, and playing with other kids.





Jonah and his new pal for the day having shucked their shirts play in the sprinkler. 







Cole also had a great time at the playground, though he had great difficulty keeping up with the big boys.






Jonah and Cole with their Great Grandmother (Jordan's grandmother) at her apartment. 






Jordan with Jonah and Cole at GG's apartment.






Jordan's brother Danny surfing the net at their dad's house in upstate New York.






Debbie reads bedtime stories to the two boys. Supermom strikes again! 






Gammy with her two grandson's.







Jonah, Gammy and Zeda play a rousing game of Monopoly (which Jonah won easily having landed on Free Parking a total of 9 times).