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Photo Gallery - July 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Kate meditating in the cockpit at Mana Island.





Beachfront Bures (Fijian for house) at Mana Island Resort. 






Our friends Brian and June on "Daruma" from Tauranga, New Zealand at anchor in the Mana lagoon with us. 





The "backpackers resort" also on Mana Island. Backpacker resorts are a growth industry in Fiji. There are dozens of them on the islands of the Mamanutha and the Yasawa groups and range from hovels where you cook your own food to relatively nice beachfront accomodations with "mess hall" type meals.



Jonah doing school work. He is getting very good at writing and is learning to read very quickly. He loves math but can be a finicky student sometimes. 





Kate and Jonah in the cockpit. Jonah is wearing his wet suit which was given to him by his cousin Galen (Kate's sister Tita's son) who grew out of it. 





Kate with the lagoon behind her at Mana. The island's Southern half is enclosed in a protective reef providing a great, calm anchorage and great exploring.





The lagoon at Mana with one of the many beautiful beachs in the back.






Jonah looking at fish. The boy has really taken to freediving and wears his mask confidently. He is still working on learning to use the snorkel. 





Exploring the beach on the West end of the island. The sands are very deep here and only a few stragglers make it over to this end of the island from the resort.





Kate and Jonah in front of the dinghy.






One of the many islands of the Mamanuths in the background.






This shot shows(among others)  the island Monuriki where the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway" was filmed. The anchorage there is only tenable in fine, settled conditions and we were not able to stop there.





Jonah exploring the rocks at one end of the beach.







The pool and bar area of the Mana resort looking Northwest towards Monuriki, Tavua, Yanuya and Monu Islands.






Jonah and Kate taking in the magnificant view after a swim in the pool.






The view from the North side of Mana again.  






One more shot. This one and the one above are kinda similar, but I like them both so much I couldn't decide which one to include! So I put up both...





The pool area (the bar is the small hut in the foreground to right) at Mana Island Resort. The pool is smallish but attractive and well situated. The beach is just to the left out of frame.





Jonah checking the time on his new Spiderman watch (sent to us by his grandmother along with a few other toys and videos). He is starting to get time in fact, having his own watch has helped a great deal. Alas, it broke a week later when he got it wet washing his hands. I guess we will have to get him a waterproof watch.





Jonah and Kate on deck doing the laundy.






Hug break.






The skipper and the first mate.






Mana  Island from our anchorage.






Another shot of Mana.






Seaplane taxiing at Mana. There was an airstrip on Mana also, but seaplanes landed once or twice a day most days we were there.






Take off.






Malolo Island from the North as we are approaching Musket Cove on Malololailai (little Malolo).






Another shot of Malolo.