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Photo Gallery - july 2001 


Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Queen Jane stern-to the shore in downtown Papeete, Tahiti.





Jonah playing on the cannons in the park in Papeete near our mooring.





Cruise Ship moored at the dock in Papeete.





The view from the Queen Jane at anchor off Maeva Beach in Tahiti. The island in the background is Moorea.





The view North along the coast of Tahiti from our anchorage along the "Meave Beach" area. We are actually anchored with a small group off the Marina Tiana while the mass of boats is further North in front of the Maeva Beach and Beachcomber hotels.




Jonah and Grandpa Jonny in the pool at the Sheraton Moore Lagoon hotel.





Jonah enjoying one of the many baths he indulged in while Grandpa Jonny and Grandma Barbara were visiting.





Grandma Barbara doling out goddies for Jonah the evening of their arrival in Moorea.






Jonah having a try with the massage table. He insisted on standing so his head would fit in the head support.






Waiting in the lobby of the hotel for our rental car to tour the island.





Jordan's Dad - Jon Bigel (who loves close ups).





Jon, Barbara and Jonah at the Bellevedere Lookout with one of Moorea's mountins behind them






View from the Queen Jane at our anchorage in Moorea just outside Oponuha Bay.





Jonah wearing a funny nose getting into the dinghy. Notice the water clarity in this photo (it looks more blue not green in real life).





The S/V Skive anchored in Moorea (before we met them).






The Queen Jane at anchor in Moorea.






Breakfast at the Sheraton hotel restaurant in Moorea.





Jon and Barbara relaxing by the pool.





Jonah playing with kids he met at the pool. 





Jonah playing his favorite game at the Sheraton pool - jump off the rock.






Jon wearing Jonah's funny nose (he simply had to model it for us).





Jonah and Grandpa Jonny at dinner.






Barbara and Jordan posing at dinner in the hotel restaurant.





Barb doing the spoon on the nose trick (Ed: she KNEW this photo would be on the web site). She and Jon both did it after witnessing 3 people at another table all doing the spoon trick at the same time (fancy place) a mother and her two kids.




Jonah got such a kick watching everyone (except Jordan and Kate I might add) doing the spoon on the nose trick that he did it too on his first try ever! 





The mountains of Moorea from the cockpit of the Queen Jane at anchor (the last photo we took at Moorea).





At Huahine (about 75 miles West of Moorea) this was our sunset view the first 3 nights before the rain started.





Jonah's new friend Hannah from the S/V Skive (an English slang term which beans "Hookey" as in Playing Hookey).





Hannah and Jonah dancing in the saloon.







Jonah wearing his "disguise" (whenever he dons those blue sunglasses he claims he is someone else, we never know exactly who, but certainly its "not jonah"). I call him "Joe Cool" behind his back.





Jonah goofing around wearing mom's big sweatshirt.







Kate.Photo by Jonah.






View of Huahine from Queen Jane while motoring through the lagoon on the WIndward side of the island.





Another view of Huahine Iti from the lagoon.





Huahine Rocks - what else can I say?





Crew of S/V Skive alongside the Queen Jane in their Dinghy. (From left to right - Ian, Erika and Hanna).