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Photo Gallery - January 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Downtown Kolonia, Pohnpei, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).







Another view of the main street.








We hiked to the top of Sokehs Rock, the Southern part of it anyway. At the top are a pair of Japanese air defense guns. This photo, and the next, were taken as we hiked up the path. 






In this one you can see the commercial port for Pohnpei. It is situated on an island connected to the main island by a causway. 







Kate approaches the Japanese gun emplacements at the top of the mountain.







This shelter perched on a platform at the top of the path provides a nice place for a tired hiker to sit down and rest.







The skipper rests.








The first gun, from the side. The people of Pohnpei have apparently turned this area into a little park with manicured grounds and lots of flowers.







The business end. Although these guns were bombed by US forces during the war, the island of Pohnpei was never invaded. The damage to the guns appears to be minimal, though we have heard that there was enough damage to shut them down.






Kate stands by the second gun emplacement. This one is in better condition then the first. The emplacement consists of a cement ring sloping down into a 5ft deep pit. Below the pit, and burrowed into the walls, appear to be ammunition storage areas.








This view shows the cement ring circling the emplacement.







Jonah climbs down into the pit. 








Jonah rides the number 2 gun. Yahoo! 








A wide shot of the number 2 gun. The tree obviously grew long after the gun was in service.








The first of a series of photos taken on the way down the mountain. The outer reef edge (barrier reef) can be seen clearly in this photo. The barrier reef circles the island. Navigation can be had between the island and reef for much of the coast, though you must leave the reef and re-enter to reach certain parts of the island (like Matalinim Harbor - see December photos). 





Another shot, taken a bit lower down the slope. The causway leading to the commercial port can be see on the right.







This photo shows Kolonia, the main town on the island. The buildings are hidden mostly by the dense foliage on the island.







Kate carefully picks her way down the path among the loosely packed reddish rocks. Jonah has already ran ahead and is waiting for us at a landing about 200 yards down.







Kate stops to pose. 










The anchorage seen from the path on the way down. Unfortunately I forgot to override the automatic focus and the camera choose the foreground and not the boats in the background. Still a cool photo. 







The view looking inland over the bay where the boats are anchored into the dense forested interior of the island. 








Lower down still, the view flattens out and the commercial port appears small. 








Kate passes under an archway of foliage.










Just about at the midpoint landing where Jonah awaits.










Jonah and Kate pose with the commercial port, the lagoon and islands in the background. A better day you just couldn't ask for! 








A climber picks betel nuts from a vine wrapped around this palm tree.









Dead Tree.










Jonah gets rowing lessons from his mom. 








By the end of the week Jonah is rowing back and forth to shore easily.