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Photo Gallery - January 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


New Years Eve on the Queen Jane at the Tauranga Bridge Marina with guests from "Abel Tasman" and "Scafhogg". Antipasto and Insalata Caprese can be seen before being devoured.




An Astin Martin parked in the driveway of the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Auckland where we stayed for 4 days. The Astin Martin shown was the inspiration for the legendary Datsun 240Z sports car.  




Kate, Jonah and Jon Bigel in front of the Stamford Hotel in downtown Auckland. Jon brought Jonah back to NZ after his visit there.





Kate and Jonah descending the steps of the hotel. 





The wharf where the America's Cup syndicates operate. The two masts to the right are in front of the One World team of the Seattle Yacht Club. The team is financed by Craig McCaw and Paul Allen of Seattle.




Jonah bouncing in the M&Ms bounce box at the America's Cup Village in downtown Auckland.





Kate and Jon watching Jonah bounce.







Jonah the Cat. 






The Sky Tower in downtown Auckland is a major landmark and is very reminscent of Seattle's Space Needle. 






The Queen Jane in the slipway being hauled out for repairs.





Here the Queen Jane is being moved to her spot on the hardstand where she will remain until repairs are completed. The damaged bow can be easily seen in this photo.





Here she is comfortably in her spot with boarding ladder on the stbd side. 





This closeup shows the damage at the waterline caused by the boat's anchor swinging against the hull after the collision in December.





The Tauranga Gliding Club's caravan on the airfield at the Tauranga Airport. Jordan has been spending a lot of time at the gliding club lately learning to fly gliders.





The gliding club's tow truck used for glider retrieval after a landing. 





Club members lounge on the field in between glider flights. 





One of the club's Puchacz trainers about to touchdown. 





Ali, a club member and Byan the club president posing in front of one of the club's PW-5 one man gliders.





Echo Oscar, one of the club's two Puchacz two seat trainers.  





Papa Zulu, the other Puchacz, in front of the club's hanger.





Jonah in one of the PW-5 single seat gliders.






Jonah getting out of the PW-5. One of the club's two tow planes can be seen behind the glider. 





Jonah playing a computer game at the apartment we rented while the boat is being repaired.





Another shot of Jonah playing computer games showing more of the apartment.