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Photo Gallery - January 2001 

Second Half!

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

Kate in the cockpit with her brother Chris behind her.





Kate's brother Chris.





Kate's sister-in-law Lisa lounging on the Lido Deck.





Kate and her sister in law Lisa (Chris' wife).






The beach at Chamela. Our first stop after leaving Bahia Banderes.




The anchorage at Chamela.





Jonah and dad playing in the surf at Chamela. 





Kate at the computer 'working'.





Jonah and his dad rough-housing.





Close Encounter of the Jonah kind.





Jonah and his 'friends' playing in the cockpit.





Captain at the helm. Photo by Jonah A. Bigel.





Jonah wearing his newest mask that he made at Arts and Crafts with his mom. 




Jonah with 'hand puppets' also made in Arts and Crafts.




Jonah with his dad resting in the cockpit.





Jonah in cockpit looking funny.





The Commander at the helm.





Jonah playing in the cockpit while we are sailing..






Large fish cought at dusk. Unidentified. Please contact us if you can tell us what it is!




Nice sunset photo by Kate.





Jordan mugging for the camera.





Kate lounging in the cockpit. Photo by Jonah A. Bigel.




Awesome sunset photo by Kate.