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Photo Gallery - February 2004 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Christe (Windrunner) and Kate with local woman on Airik at Maloelap Atoll.








A meeting hourse on Airik island at Maloelap Atoll.







Some very cute local girls at Airik Island.







A woman at Airik frying breadfruit slices in a skillet.








Jonah with some local boys and Christe from "Windrunner" on Airik.







Jonah had a lot of fun on Airik skipping rope with the local kids. He had never done it before and had a fun time learning how.






Kate on Airik with some local kids (and stuffed dog she gave as a gift).








Christe (Windrunner) and Kate mugging for the camera.








Jonah loves cats. Here he is playing with  cat in the village at Airik.







A group of kids at Airik. The Marshallese children are all adorable and although very shy at first warm up quickly.







A house on Maloelap.







Jonah and Tristan (Roxanne) playing together on Queen Jane. The next few shots shows then diving off the bowsprit after which they would swim aft to the dinghy and climb back into the boat.





Jonah preparing to jump.






Jonah in mid jump.






Jonah and Tristan swimming aft along side the boat.






A view of some of the beautiful motus (islets) which dot the lagoon at Maloelap Atoll.






King Jonah showing off a crown and Egyptian style arm bands he made with his mom in art class.






The skipper at work in the stbd. side cockpit locker. In this case he is working on the water maker (desalinator) which stopped working while we were at Maloelap. This can be a bad thing since there is no fresh water available on any of these atolls so if we lose the ability to make our own we must leave and head back to Majuro.




Another shot showing the skipper in the locker. There really is lots of space in there, but after several hours it can become gruelling.





One of many beautiful sunsets seen from the cockpit of the Queen Jane. This one in Maloelap.






This remarkable photo almost looks fake the background is so incredible.






Another shot of Jonah in the village of Airik with a little boy his age.






Jonah and a bunch of local boys playing on the beach.







The Queen Jane's dinghy at the beach on Airik island. This is the last photo you will see of this dinghy. After returning to Majuro from Maloelap this rig was sold to a local expat and replaced with a new Avon inflatable.






Well, maybe one or two more photos. This is the starting line of the Backwards Dinghy Race held in Majuro on Feb. 14th. The only rules are that dinghies must be run stern first and pass each mark in order. A feature of the race is that each crew is armed with buckets and water guns and attempts to detail the other crews by filling their dinks with water.






This shot actually was taken before the above photo and shows the pre-race "warmup" activities. Basically crews are practiciing their water throwing techniques. 






The starting gun has been fired and the dinghies are off. Jonah and Jordan participated in the race. They came in dead last. Jordan choose to borrow a 3.5hp engine from Martin on "Windrunner" because this engine could be swivelled 360 degrees and run in forward gear pointing backwards.





As you may notice, Jordan and Jonah cannot be seen in this photo taken just after the start. Unfortunately, due to unfamiliarity with the borrowed motor, Jordan managed to fat finger the choke at the starting line and couldn't figure out why the motor wouldn't produce any power.




Here you can see them sitting in the middle of the course while Jordan curses at the motor. By the time he realized what was wrong the race was almost over. He got the motor going and finished the race in last place.





After the race, at the Shoreline bar (right on the waterfront) the awards "ceremony" was conducted. Prizes were mostly "jokes" and were picked from a hat.





Another shot of the awards party.





From right, Ash (Karmaladen), Drew (Libby Lane) and an unknown friend of Ash's at the dinghy race awards party.






Rixeene of the yacht "Karmaladen" was the Master of Ceremonies (and instigator) of the backwards dinghy race. Here she is (with whistle) on the "committee boat" before the start of the race.





Kids who participated received separate prizes consisting mostly of free ice creams and passes to the local movie theatre.






Carey and Karen of "Seal". Carey is American and Karen is Australian. They have been living in Majuro aboard their Ingrid 38 for 2 years now. Karen works at the local newspaper and Carey does boat repair for a local outfit.





One of the fabulous sunsets seen in Majuro.






The yacht "Windrunner" on race day (Feb 15th) moving towards the starting line. The weather is less then perfect. Unfortunately due to the weather, very few photos of the race exist. This is the only one we could find which was worth showing. As you may also notice, there is very little (if any) wind. This was to change within minutes of the start as the wind came up from 4k to 25k making for an exciting race.



At the post-race party and awards ceremony, each crew (which completed the race) picks several prizes from a hat. In this shot we can see Jonah collecting a prize for the Queen Jane after he picked from the hat (it is a folding beach chair).








The skipper had better luck and picked the best prize in the hat, a night at the Outrigger Resort. The resort also hosts the races, which are held every 6 weeks or so, and in this photo you can see Jordan posing with Grant the manager of the resort. This photo also appeared in the local newspaper (thanks to Karen).






Ash from "Karmaladen" showing of his prize. Ice cream for 2 at Spencers Restaurant. Not all prizes are equal.








After entering the lagoon at Ailook Atoll Kate mounts the mast pulpit to lookout for coral heads which dot the lagoon.







One of the coolest things about Ailuk is that the locals all get around (from one islet to another within the lagoon) on sailing outrigger canoes. This one was passing us as we were moving from one anchorage to another.





Here he is picking up speed.







And here is his with the outrigger out of the water! These babies really can move.






Some of the smaller outriggers sailing around in front of the main islet at Ailuk.






Some of the very beautiful islets at Ailuk Atoll.






Looking North from an anchorage we can see little islets stretching along the Eastern edge of the atoll.






Another view from the Queen Jane at anchor in front of one of the lovely islets in the Ailuk lagoon.






Our parting shot this month showing mammoth breakers crashing onto the reef on the windward side of the atoll between the little islets.