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Photo Gallery - February 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The Queen Jane on the hard at Tauranga Bridge Marina in Tuaranga, New Zealand undergoing repairs.





Kate in the kitchen at our temporary apartment in Mt. Maunganui (where we have been living while repairs are ongoing).





Eating dinner in the apartment. Photo by Jonah.





Jonah's room in the apartment, with bunk beds.






This photo shows the bow with the scaffolding arounnd it. The scaffolding forms an semi-enclosed shed where work can be performed out of the elements if needed. 





The bow as it looked after the deck hardware (minus the anchor winch which has not yet been removed) has been removed.






The bow at the same stage viewed from the scaffolding erected around the bow.





Another shot of the damage from a different angle.






Damage to the fiberglass shown after most of the debris and delaminated glass has been removed. Note the damaged fore and aft bulkhead showing evidence that the bow was hit from the starboard (right) side.




The bow all cleaned up. All the damaged glass and damaged portions of the bulkhead has been removed. Delaminated portions of the deck have also been removed.





On the left is Dave, fiberglass guy, and on the right is Don the proprietor of Hutchesens the outfit doing the repairs. They are in the process of laying up  a layer of foam core inside the bow.





The bow shown after the fiberglassing is complete. Notice the thickness of the entire bow - especially the new fore and aft bulkhead. This photo also shows the forward edge of the old deck prepped for scarfing in the new section of deck.




Another shot of the repaired bow. 






The bow with the new deck completed. Work is now progressing on fitting new sections of caprail and construction of the bow platform back at the workshop.






Another shot of the bow with wordwork in progress.






This shot shows Carl, the wood guy, doing his magic fitting the bow platform and surrounding wood trim.






Finally the bow platform is attached and finish work can proceed.






Carl hard at work on the wood. Along with help from Daniel (who constructed the bow platform back at the workshop) and Don, the woodwork was completed beautifully. As good a job as any American yard or even Shannon itself could have done.





Meanwhile, as all the work on the bow has been coming along, Kate has been busy varnishing the rest of the boat! She managed about 4 new coats on every piece of exterier woodwork except the cockpit which we will do after we are in the water. 




The Captain is rarely seen without a list in this hand. Here he stands by the car (Queen Jane in background) reviewing the days tasks.






Kate standing on the boarding ladder.






Kate and Jonah looking up at the Queen Jane as the travellift passes by.