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Photo Gallery - February  2001 

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

Cruising the mangrove estuary at Tenacatita in the dinghy (aka. The Jungle Cruise).




Kate and Jonah in the bow of the dinghy on the Jungle Cruise.




Bird taking flight in mangroves at Tenacatita..




Mangroves of the Jungle Cruise.





Jonah plays in sand at a palapa in Tenacatita.




Our table at our favorite palapa in Tenacatita.




Jonah crawls into his dad's shirt for some tickling fun.





Jonah and his mom with crowns they made for Arts and Crafts!





The Queen Jane lying at anchor in Tenacatita.




The "French Restaurant" at the Tenacatita anchorage. A cruiser hangout of major proportions.




Jonah playing at lunch at a lagoon side restaurant in Barra de Navidad.




The Hotel Grand Bay as seen from the lagoon at Barra de Navidad.




The pool at the Sands Hotel in Barra de Navidad where we snuck in for a quick swim! 




Jonah looking at something very interesting..




Jonah drawing in the saloon.





Jonah showing off the castle he made with his magnet toy.




Jonah and dad floating alongside the boat at anchor.




Friends Scott and Gavin lounging in the cockpit at anchor in Zijautenajo.




Gavin grinning...