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Photo Gallery - December 2004 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah and dad on the first night of Chanukah.








Kate opens her gift from the men.








Some assembly required. In fact, everything must be assembled. Kate is really good at these things and she and Jonah put together Jonah's new robot in only 2 hours.







Now that is one cool looking robot. Unfortunately, every two minutes half the pieces were falling off and within 30 minutes Jonah was in tears saying it was the worst present he ever got and why can't they make toys that stay together! 







Matalenim Harbor, on the East side of Pohnpei, was formerly the main seaport for whaling ships in centuries past. 








It is also the port where the famous Nan Madol ruins are found (on Temwen Island) and we anchored here for 6 rainy days.








The beauty of the anchorage, even in the rain, was not expected. Waterfalls visible from the anchorage waxed and waned over the days as the rains fluctuated in strength.







One day we went ashore to hike to a local waterfall. It was not raining, but completely overcast having just stopped raining an hour earlier. We stopped for a rest  beneath this shelter when a small shower popped up. Then it was off to the waterfall. 






The hike to the waterfall was very short, less then 200 yards along a path by the stream.








The Kirapohi waterfall. 










With so much rain in the past few days, the falls are ripping.








Jonah really loved the falls. He splashed and playing in the water even though it was misting and 100% overcast and a bit chilly (for us it was chilly, perhaps it was 78F or so).










Kate, being a bit more attuned to the temperature of the air and water was less quick to jump in, but jump she did! The captain, on the other hand, waited as long as possible and then slowly entered the water careful not to get his armpits wet and cold, but alas we have no photo of that event. 








Sunset at the Matalenim Harbor anchorage.








The first in a series of photos we took of the ruins at Nan Madol. These ruins were supposedly built between the years 500-1500AD. The construction took generations and covers an area of many acres and is comprised of blocks of structures with waterways between them like streets (ala Venice). 






At the entrance to the ruins, this boy in a kayak collects money from visitors on behalf of the family which now owns the island (who reportedly have inherited it from a line unbroken since the ruins were an active city).







This structure, the most accessible and best maintained. Most of the structures are completely inundated with jungle vegetation and are hidden from view. Several have been cleared and only these can really be seen. 







The construction of the structures can be seen here as very similar to a log cabin type building but using basalt logs instead of wood. The rock was laid down by volcanic activity eons ago and the ancient peoples of Pohnpei mined it and transported it to this site (apparently from several locations around the island where quarries have been found). 








This area, which seems to be a kind of entryway or front porch is part of the same structure shown above and is called Nan Dawas. The Pohnpei tourist office has an excellent brochure with maps and diagrams naming many of the structures (some of which are partly accessible and cleared) and describing their purpose. 








The top of the Nan Dawas structure has some type of enclosure with a courtyard above. 








Jonah really found the whole thing fascinating and we are very happy that he was interested and engaged. Few kids get to see real ruins like this close up and we really wanted him to appreciate the history and art behind this ancient city.









Behind the back of one of the structures are paths leading to a wooden bridge which allows visitors to get to the neighboring islet/block of the complex. 







Looking back on Nan Dawas, we found the curve of the roof line especially captivating. 








Leaving Matalenim Harbor at sunrise with overcast skies. 








Kate at the helm as we work our way through the harbor and out the pass to the sea. 








Jonah does lookout duty for coral reefs as we enter the pass and harbor at Kolonia. 










The signature landmark of Pohnpei is Sokeh's Rock, an island connected to the mainland by a small causeway, the rock is quite dramatic and distinctive.







Jonah. Self portrait. Dec. 2004.








The yacht harbor at Kolonia as seen from the hill overlooking at the Oceanview Hotel.








This one was taken from the deck of the restaurant.








The Rumors Marina. The pier with fingers on the sides has a gas dock at the end (gasoline only). This is where we park our dinghy when going ashore. 







The Rumors Mangrove Bar, right next to the "marina". 








Kate and Jonah enjoying lunch at the Sei Chinese restaurant. 








The restaurant itself is an interesting building reminiscent of a ski lodge or something.








Sunset at Kolonia.








Jonah bails the dinghy one morning after an especially hard rain.