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Photo Gallery - December 2003 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Sunset at Majuro. Taken from the cockpit at anchor in the Majuro lagoon.






Another shot of the same sunset showing a small ship anchored near us. In the background the industrial port area of Majuro can be faintly seen in outline.






The kids examining marine life in one of the tanks at the clam farm we visited. Rixeene on "Karmaladen" arranged for the outing and got us a bus and everything.







About 25 cruisers went on the trip including (from left) Bob of "Cardinal Sin", Jeannette of "Dancer" and Kate, myself and Jonah. All of the "kid boats" went also.






While the kids played around the adults gathered in a group to listen to the clam farm guy talk about the life and times of the giant clam (Tridacna).






Some tanks contained larval clams, others, like this one, contained baby clams and others (see below) contained teenage clams in later stages of development. 






In this photo you can get a good look at the baby clams with all of their colors. Rod (the clam farm guy) told us that the blue and green colored clams are more valuable then the browns. The clams are shipped to the US mostly and sold at aquarium stores for placement in home aquariums.





More developed clams can be seen here.






These clown fish live in one of the tanks of clams. Their purpose is to help keep the water in a more natural state. Otherwise, all contaminants and sediments are filtered from the water which is constantly being renewed from the ocean.






A clam farm Q & A session. After his talk we peppered Rod with a series of insightful and intelligent questions.







Rod, the clam farm guy. Rod is from Australia and has been on Majuro working with the giant clams for several years.







Kate and Lynn (of "Roxanne") examining some clams.







The start of the first Meico Yacht Club cruising yacht race in Majuro lagoon. The Meico Yacht Club, recently formed, held its first yacht race in December. Four cruising yachts vied for prizes and honors including a 55 gallon drum of diesel fuel and a night's stay at the Outrigger Resort.





From our vantage point we had a great view of the race start and the first leg. Here we see "Roxanne" (a custom Wylie 60) passing behind "Rainbow Chaser" (anchored) on its way to rounding the first mark.






Roxanne, here shown just after passing "Rainbow Chaser" totally outclassed all the other yachts with her massive speed. However, the race was handicapped and the winner announced based on corrected time, so the other competitors did have a chance.





The yacht "Seal" owned and captained by Carey and Karen. Seal was home built by Carey over a 5 year period in Seattle. Seal managed to finish second on corrected time and surprised everyone with her speed.






The yacht "Kaimana" owned and skippered by Ron. Kaimana won the "Coconut Cup" last year, an annual yacht  race held at Majuro which allows all classes of competitors to participate including outrigger canoes! The only race of its kind. Ron managed to come in third on corrected time on this day though he was second across the line. 





The yachts "Seal" and "Kaimana" heading for the first mark.







Battling it out for the first leg here "Seal" can be seen just about to round the first mark (the big white fishing boat).







Jonah and Kate watching the start and first leg of the race.







No one was surprised that "Roxanne" too line honors in the race. However, she managed to come in first on corrected time by only one minute and a few seconds with "Seal" in second place.






The ketch "Karmaladen" finishes last both on corrected and uncorrected time. Like the "Queen Jane" this boat is large and heavy and needs a good breeze to move her skirts. The wind this day was only in the 10-12k range. Had it been blowing 20-25k I believe "Karmaladen" would have had a much better chance.





Jonah, Pharoh of Lower and Upper Egypt wearing the crown of the combined kingdoms. Jonah and Kate made the crown in history class after reading about how one of the kings of Lower Egypt vanquished the king of Upper Egypt and thus united the two kingdoms into one. That same King also combined the two crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt to create the new crown. 






Jonah doing history lessons. He loves history, just like his dad.







Jonah and dad preparing to light the candles on the second night of Channukah.






Jonah loves Channukah. Can you guess why?







Jonah also loves to play Driedel, a game where you spin the top and win chocolate coins.






One of Jonah's presents, a battery operated "electric guitar" which he loved. Hopefully he will get bored of it soon...






Happy Kate.







On Christmas Eve several of the crews in the anchorage took to their dinghies and went boat to boat singing Christmas Carols. At each boat they attempted to recruit more carollers till almost everyone was in their dinghies and no one was left on the yachts!





Another view of the revellers enjoying themselves.







The front entrance to the Outrigger Resort Majuro.







The anchorage in front of the Outrigger taken from the hotel's waterfront dinghy landing.







The dinghy landing at the Outrigger (the tender to the Queen Jane is tied up in this photo).







Part of the lobby of the hotel.







Jordan using the internet computer in the hotel lobby.







Lynn and her younger boy Tristan (of "Roxanne") at Japan Day held at the Assumption School. They had Japanese food and rooms with Japanese toys, games of skill and origami as well as the Kimona room where guests are dressed up in traditional Japanese Kimonos and have their pictures taken.







Jonah in a Kimona.








Jonah in a Kimona bowing Japanese style (I think).








The pool at the Outrigger Resort. Although it looks beautiful, the pool is unfortunately filled with saltwater (from the lagoon) and thus is unappealing to adults. Children don't seem to care and spend lots of time there.






Jonah and the kids from "Roxanne" playing beside the pool.







The "Roxanne" crew heading home after an afternoon at the pool.