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Photo Gallery - December 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The skipper at the helm on the way to Mooloolaba from Bundaberg.






Motorsailing to Mooloolaba.






The S/V High Drama in the slip next to us at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club. Mooloolaba is very popular with foreign yachts. It has many nice features like a beautiful beach across the street (photo further down the page) and is within walking distance to town.





Part of the Mooloolaba fishing fleet tied up at the pier across the fairway from our slip. A nice side effect is that they sell fresh fish from a store right at the head of the pier.





One of the sailing school boats. Jonah has been taking lessons on Sunday mornings and is having a great time.






Jonah holding his cirtifacte and math book he just completed.






Jonah and his friend Charlotte (from "Danza") on the sidewalk outside the marina. We are walking to town to visit Underwater World.






Underwater World is the local aquarium. In this photo we are in the shark tunnel - a really cool tank with a walkway underneath it.






One of the many sharks at UWW. This photo, of course, was taken from the underwater tunnel.






One of the strangest members of the shark family, the Wobbegon Shark as seen from below.






More sharks!






Another strange member of the shark family, the Shovelhead Ray. Rays are also in the shark family.






Jaws, close up.






Kate, Jonah and Charlotte checking out the fish computer at UWW. This touchscreen computer system allows visitors to look up animals seen at the aquarium.





Model airplane Jonah got for his birthday (from Gammy) which his dad and he built.






Ed from "Horai" and David aboard David's boat "Danza". Danza is in the slip next to us. Danza has a crew of 6 including David and Judy and their four (4) children (ages 7 to 15). David's daughter Charlotte has become good friends with Jonah.





The beach at Mooloolaba.






The Esplenade is a shopping and restaurant strip along the beach in the town of Mooloolaba. Most of the stores and restaurants are on the ground floor of hotel buildings which line the strip somewhat like in Miami Beach (though newer and with less style of course).




The Mooloolaba Yacht Club seen from the docks.






A Pagoda in Brisbane's small Chinatown. Though small, the area boasts many excellent restaurants including several which serve Dim Sum (part of our mission is to search out and enjoy Dim Sum in every part of the world we visit - Brisbane has the best Dim Sum we have eaten outside of New York, Boston and San Francisco).






Jonah in front of an outdoor sculpture in downtown Brisbane. We rented a car for two days and went to Brisbane to do the tourist thing.






Waiting for the City Cat ferry in downtown Brisbane Jonah played on the steps while Kate rested. The city contains many examples of modern architecture like that shown in this photo.





Kate taking a breather in front of a waterfall in downtown Brisbane while waiting for the ferry to take us upriver.





A paddle wheeler tied up along the river in Brisbane. This photo, and the next few, were taken from the City Cat ferry.






A nice shot taken from the ferry showing a small part of the downtown area. Construction in Brisbane appears to be moving at a breakneck pace - several cranes can be seen in this picture.






Jonah and Kate in the ferry.







A cool shot of a bridge as we went under.







Part of the lovely Southbank Park in Brisbane. The structure seen in this photo is a flower trellis sculpted of steel. It was constructed along a foot path through the park and is festooned with bright purple flowers. It appears as though the flowers are slowly growing to cover the entire structure.





Its a beach. Its a pool. Its a BOOL! This fabulous attraction is right in the middle of Brisbane's Southbank Park and is a public freshwater swimming pool (highly chlorinated) shaped like a natural wetland with some parts havign a normal, pool bottom and other parts being a simulated beach with wonderful, soft, white sand.




One part of the "bool" which abuts the flower covered trellis walkway.






At the Queensland Maritime Museum in Brisbane we found this vessel called "Happy 11". The 9ft long "vessel" was sailed to Australia from Eastern Canada via the Panama Canal. She may be the smallest vessel to ever transit the canal, though this was not mentioned on the sign (see below).





The sign on the "Happy 11" describing the vessel's origin.






The wheelhouse of the Cruiser Diamantina, the showcase of the QMM. This cruiser is in drydock at the museum.






The engine room of the Diamantina.







Another view of the engine room.







Captain Jonah at the helm of the Queensland Maritime Museam.






Kate and Jonah resting on a wall while waiting for another ferry to return to the other side of the river. The Brisbane city ferry system is like a bus with a series of piers on both sides the river. Ferrys come every few minutes. Some go up and down river along one side, others skip back and forth across the river. 




The City Cat. One of several types of ferrys operating on the Brisbane River. These ferrys are very fast and are used on the longer runs. Slower, smaller ferrys are used for shorter (zig zag like) runs. Kind of the express bus vs. the local bus.





Kate and Jonah on the "slow" ferry heading back across the river.






Jonah getting settled into a kid-size go-kart at the local kart track. Unfortunately this is the only photo we have of him in the car - when the guy started the engine and Jonah hit the gas he ran straight into a wall while we all screamed "Turn, turn, TURN!". He was traumatized after that, got out of the kart and refused to try again.




The kart racig track (main track) showing the karts lined up.






Since the Karts were a failure, Jonah and dad spent a few minutes racing slot cars instead.






The Galapagos Tortoises at the Australian Zoo. The zoo is run by the "Crocodile Hunter" guy who is always on TV sticking his head into dangerous animals and saying "Crikey!".





This bad boy is actually 150+ years old. The story goes that he was picked up by Darwin (yes, THE Darwin) in the Galapagos and presented as a gift to some honcho back in England. He emigrated to Australia and brought the beast with him. He ended up at the Australian Zoo.




A Boa Constrictor at the Snake Show (Australian Zoo).






Jonah pets a Kangaroo. The park had several areas with Kanagaroos or different varieties. One group is in a petting area and Jonah was thrilled to death to be able to get so close to them.





Here Jonah feeds a Kangaroo by hand.






Kangaroo resting (he's had a rough day).






Crocodile feeding show. This photo shows the demonstration of how slow they move on land. From where I sat they moved much too fast both in and out of the water.





This shot speaks for itself. Man is this beast huge.






This photo shows the trainer demonstrating how high the croc can raise himself out of the water. The speed with which he accomplished this cannot be shown in a still photograph. You definately don't want to be in the water when these babies are around. I should also note, as did the trainer during the show, that in the wild crocs do not inhabit clear, clean water such as is shown in these photos. They put the crocs in clear water to allow visitors to easily see them. In reality, crocs live in murky, dark, cloudy water. They are silent and can sneak up on you without you even knowing they are near.




On of our favorite animals, the cute, cuddly looking Koala. Though known to people (in the USA at least) as the "Koala Bear", in fact the Koala is not a bear at all but a marsupial (animals which raise their young in a pouch).





Jonah engrossed in computer games in the forepeak.






The "daddy bed" is a (soon to be patented) invention conceived and constructed by Jonah.






Jonah wearing a scary mask he and his mom made.